October 15, 2009

Marist Reports On Grizzy Bear

Click here to see what Marist's The Circle had to say about last week's Grizzly Bear concert. Here is an excerpt:

"Grizzly Bear's mid-tempo songs certainly did not translate to a bland live show. The acoustics of the chapel only enhanced the chamber-pop vocals on the set opener "Southern Point." The crescendos and decrescendos in "I Live with You" made even the most stoic fans nod their heads to the thumping bass drum.

For a college concert the lighting was very impressive. The somber, serious mood the illuminated mason jars, LED lights, and fog created in the chapel accented Grizzly Bear's steady tempo."


VassarGirl said...

Wow. The Marist Circle looks horrible and their website is so ugly and sloppy looking. Seeing this just made me realize how professional, clean and user-friendly the Misc site is.

tom w said...
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Dash said...

Being a Marist student, I'm actually astonished that this article exists. Most of the readers probably have no idea who these bands are.. but I guess it's a better direction for this strange little place.

Respire said...

VassarGirl: the Marist Circle is run on the exact same platform and software as the Misc site. Someone on our end just paid a little more attention to design.

Dash: Marist students read Mads? I'm also surprised and delighted that Marist students (or maybe just 1) came to the concert.

VassarGirl said...

Respire: I also noticed that the Marist Circle is run on the same platform—that's why I'm so impressed that the 2009 editorial board worked so hard to update the design and function of the site -- ours is definitely a 100%.

Dash said...

This blog is super resourceful, & it'd be silly to ignore such close neighbors.

Though, it is really unfortunate Marist can typically be the ying to Vassar's yang.

The Circle is lacking.