October 30, 2009

Our Love/Hate Relationship With PETA

Despite the allegations PETA made against Vassar exactly a month ago, the animal rights organization has nominated our school for its fourth annual Most Vegetarian-Friendly Colleges competition.

Thirty-two schools have been nominated, including NYU, Wesleyan, and Oberlin. Voting is open to everyone, and we're up against Wesleyan in the first round. Voting ends on November 1st.

"Prompted by the efforts of the Vassar Animal Rights Coalition and other motivated students, Vassar has always been on the forefront of humane dining. Veggie turkey and vegan cheddar cheese sandwiches, soy yogurt, sweet Thai tofu stir-fries, and vegan sloppy Joes are just a few of the numerous vegan options offered on campus," PETA writes.

10.30.09 12:02pm

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