October 19, 2009

Poughkeepsie Journal Sleeps Through Grizzly Bear

It took them a week, but the Poughkeepsie Journal finally published a review of Vassar's Grizzly Bear concert. Unfortunately, the reviewer wasn't so into the band. Here are some excerpts:

"Listening to Grizzly Bear is like looking at a Monet painting. You can tell it is really great and the product of an enormous, rare talent. You appreciate the beauty and stare for a few extra moments. But does it move you? Does the painting make you feel any different after you have spent a few moments in front of it? Appreciation without an emotional response makes for a pretty empty experience.

No offense to any Monet lovers, but I could not keep my eyes open when Grizzly Bear played at Vassar College's acoustically overwhelmingly chapel on Oct. 9. The band was simply too talented. I had listened to the band's most recent album, "Veckatimest," many times before the show, attempting to find the life-changing beauty within the record every major music critic seems to find so obvious. All I found is the album makes a great nap-time soundtrack."

It gets worse: "I felt as though I was watching the band of animatronics that performs every half hour at Chuck E. Cheese."

The reviewer did have some nice things to say about the show's set-up and the crowd. "Based on the crowd reaction, my somewhat negative reaction to the skillful performance put me in a distinct minority of wet blankets," the reviewer writes. "Congratulations to ViCE, Vassar's student events organization, for bringing in one of indie's most popular bands to such an incredible performance space."

The review was published in the "College Views" section of the Journal by a New Paltz freshman. We realize we've done a lot of coverage of the Grizzly Bear concert, but we thought this was relevant and worth checking out.

Photo via Zach Russo '11 for ViCE.

10.19.09 6:46pm


lavishluau said...

Would you please disclose/explain your connection with Grizzly Bear? The amount of coverage given the band by this blog is much greater than the coverage given in any other medium. I understand that there is no expectation of neutrality in the blogoshere, but it is kind of funny that the blog reads like a GB fansite lately.

Also, has Vassar disclosed the amount paid to GB and Seeger? How did the College select those performers and set their pay rates? Since the Administration says that they are short on cash, I hope their selection and pay of entertainers was prudent.

"Mads Vassar" said...

Thanks for the comment. We try to provide readers with all of the in-depth information for each relevant story. We agree that we've done a lot of coverage on Grizzly Bear, but we thought the Poughkeepsie Journal's review was worth reading.

Since we are an independent and "unofficial" blog, we don't typically feel the need for full disclosure of our connections or sources. Most of our information for any post comes from well-placed insiders.

As for your other question, we don't have the authority to comment on the pay rates for those events, but they are probably funded by the "Student Activities Fee" and not the endowment, which is what is hurting right now.

lavishluau said...

Thanks for the information. I hope my comment did not sound overly critical. As "waynekim" said in the last thread, the blog has given me a very positive perspective on Vassar and I really enjoy reading your blog daily.

In September, you wrote about your junior year abroad and wanting someone else to write Mads. Were you able to find a suitable replacement? Do you plan on blogging while you are overseas? I think a Vassar perspective on Oxbridge would be awesome. :-)