October 23, 2009

Trinity College Goes In And Out Of Lockdown

Scary news from our friends at Trinity College in Harftord, Ct - the campus went into lockdown at 6:45pm last night after a man robbed a McDonalds and then headed towards the campus. An emergency text message, phone call, and email told students to stay inside. An email from the Dean of Students followed.

The Dean sent out another email at 9:10pm saying the lockdown was still in effect and the suspect had fired a shot at police.

The suspect was described as "Caucasian, wearing tan shorts, a gray T-shirt over a long sleeved gray shirt, and is bare-footed.” Later, Fox 61 News described him as "a 21 year-old man from Connecticut" who "threatened to kill himself prior to heading for Hartford."

The Hartford Police Department's SWAT unit was called, which used thermal imaging cameras and police dogs to find the suspect.

At 10pm, the campus alert system announced that the lockdown was lifted. The email from the Dean that followed said the suspect had committed suicide.

Go to TrinTalk for more info or click here for the Fox 61 News coverage.

Image via Hartford Courant.
10.23.09 10:34am


bobby said...

and with what happened at wesleyan last year it's even scarier.
and given all the stuff that's been going on campus this semester, really think its about time we put that gate back up.

Katie said...

Props to them for being so communicative with their students. I wish our campus shared that philosophy.

Katie said...

And gates will do absolutely nothing to keep people from a depressed area in the middle of an economic crisis from attempting to capitalize on the bastion that is Vassar. All we can do is be proactive, up security as much as possible, and communicate with each other and with the people that live in the place we're lucky enough to share.