October 3, 2009

Spotted: Signs Outside of Ferry

Students have posted signs on the Frandrangle side of Ferry House that read "Go to a school with an administration that actually CARES" and "This school has too much money."

The signs are probably aimed at prospective students, as admissions tours pass by that side of Ferry.

It's unclear whether or not Ferry's residents made the signs themselves. The signs may have been put up as recently as yesterday, and are probably a response to Cappy's recent announcement of more employee layoffs.

10.3.09 2:37pm


lavishluau said...

If the student(s) who posted the signs don't like the administration and the way that Vassar is financed, perhaps they should quit. It is kind of silly that they are complaining about both uncaring administration and the fact that Vassar is well-endowed. If the administration truly did not care, they would be wasting that endowment the same way that some Wall Street CEOs are spending their money.

Instead the administration has figured out that rich kids are into "branding" and have positioned Vassar as an upscale, high-markup way to basically get the same product that mass merchandisers eg. SUNY sell at a much lower margin.

Morgan Warners said...

First, have the people who posted these signs read economy.vassar.edu? Vassar isn't in truly dire straights but is not in a stable financial position. I just wish that those who are discontented would resort to reason instead of slander, but I suppose that's a pattern much larger than this incident.

Second, though lavishluau probably means well by revealing the truth of the Vassar "brand," s/he basically accuses people who seek out the best schools as dupes. Even if there were some objective measure of "quality" and Vassar and SUNY came out equal, that's not to say there are substantive differences in the campus experience that warrant the price difference, and it's up to people who pay the tuition to decide how much they care about that. Way to be condescending.

Nikola said...

And you know who those other "dupes" are that are into all this "branding?"


Go figure....

Mat Leonard said...

Why don't they take their own advice and leave?

Zack said...

If there's one thing people on the far left and the far right have in common, it's that they hate the phrase "It's not that simple." It seems pretty obvious that whoever posted those signs doesn't have the slightest idea how an institution like Vassar is run, how employment decisions are made, or how the current budget will impact the long term financial status of the school. They're intentionally trying to damage Vassar's reputation instead of working to make Vassar better. I think it's childish and pathetic.