October 2, 2009

This Weekend On Campus...Nostalgia Edition

This weekend is clearly all about nostalgia, with screenings of Adventureland (set in the '80s), Dormal Formal ('90s music) and Middle School Mug Night. Autumn is also officially here, with LakeFest and the Harvest Festival.

Email madsvassar [at] gmail.com for publicity.

LakeFest, 2-6pm Sunset Lake
"We'll be barbequing burgers and Soul Dog and Twisted Soul will also be there. We'll also be tie-dying, playing games, and have live music."

ViCE Film League presents Adventureland, 7:30pm Blodgett
Dormal Formal, 9:30pm Loeb
Middle School Mug Night, 10pm Mug

ViCE Film League presents Adventureland, 7:30pm Blodgett

Harvest Festival, 1-5pm Quad
"Harvest Festival is an event co-hosted by Davison and Strong Houses. It will take place on the Residential Quad from 1-5 pm on Sunday October 4th. There will be ton's of fun, harvesty booths such as pumpkin painting, face painting, a cake walk, donuts on a string, caramel apples, pie eating contests, and much more. We will feature free food from Twisted Soul and Soul Dog on a first come, first served basis. Come enjoy music by the Walker Family Band, The Roundabout Ramblers and Broadway Acapella."

10.2.09 10:54am


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