October 17, 2009

Vassar Gets Lots Of Random Mentions

Vassar has gotten a lot of random mentions in various articles lately. We read them so you don't have to.

Dining Dispels Myth That Meal Plans Include Fee For Stolen Items, The Cornell Daily Sun
"At Vassar College, one student said that the freshmen and sophomores on the Frisbee team are responsible for 'guest swiping upperclassmen' and helping them steal 'bagels and other food with Tupperware … in exchange for alcohol.'"

Using Extra Protection, Inside Higher Ed
"The challenge for Oberlin is one faced by numerous institutions that have attempted to blend sex education with activities students are likely to enjoy. The Queer Bash at Williams College... was designed to promote tolerance... Vassar College’s 'HomoHop,' which was similar in nature and purpose to Queer Bash, was canceled about 10 years ago in response to concerns that alcohol abuse had detracted from the event’s original goals."

Add A Key-Fob Opener To Your Door, Hack A Day (Also mentioned on LifeHacker.)
"It seems like creating an automatic dorm room door opener is a rite-of-geek-passage each fall. Adam, a student a Vassar, passed with flying colors by creating this clean setup."

And the most random mention of all:
Hola, Hezbollah, The Atlantic
"When I met [Sheikh Hassan al-Burji] soon after his arrival, he still looked as wide-eyed as a freshman at a Vassar orientation."

10.16.09 1:02am


Respire said...

Are our freshmen particularly wide-eyed?

waynekim said...

Hey Mads,
I've been following your blog ever since I randomly came across it back in May as I was doing my college searching. I just have to say thanks cause you guys opened up the world of Vassar for me. After research and traveling, Im seriously contemplating whether to apply ED! Keep up the good work!


"Mads Vassar" said...

Thanks waynekim!

Anonymous said...

I have a LOT of issues with the way the quote about the frisbee team is phrased. it makes it sound like the purpose of underclassmen swiping upperclassmen in is so they can steal food, which is just flat out not true. The intention of swiping in upperclassmen is so that they can enjoy the free meal while bonding with the underclass, whom they otherwise wouldn't see due to the fact that they don't have a meal plan.

You really need to think about how what you post can affect people and the groups you post about, I thought that was why you stopped doing your own gossip. Re-posting other people's gossip defeats the purpose of having discretion and integrity.