October 5, 2009

ViCE Announces More Ticket Giveaways

The Grizzly Bear/Beach House show is only days away, and ViCE just announced more chances for free tickets. Here is a message from ViCE:

"ViCE is happy to announce a week of ticket giveaways for the upcoming Grizzly Bear // Beach House show!

If you still need a ticket you can participate in one of our two giveaways by doing the following:
1. VICE HUNT. Remember the bear roaming campus a few weeks ago? Well, he got a bit upset with us. See, we sort of promised him the possibility of lady bears on Vassar's campus as an incentive to come visit--and naturally, we couldn't oblige him...Lonely and depressed, Mr. Bear hid the letters V, I, C, and E all around campus, hoping to confuse students. For the first 10 people who can find all four letters to spell out "ViCE" (he hid multiple sets--good news for you!) and return them to us by Friday to our table in the college center, we'll return the favor with a FREE TICKET. Seems easy, right? Better start thinking like a bear...

2. FEED THE BEAR. Even though the aforementioned Mr. Bear decided to get his revenge, we didn't want to turn our backs on the hungry bear population. All around campus you should begin seeing bears (okay, kids in bear masks) in the next couple of days. If you see one, kindly tell them, "VICE is nice. I'm going to feed you." They will give you their mask. PAY ATTENTION: You need to bring a can of food (or a dollar) with this mask to our table in the college center BY THURSDAY at 3:00 pm to redeem your ticket. We're working with Hunger Action to send donations to a local food pantry. In the end, you're really helping more than just these bears. We'll have YOUR FREE TICKET sent to your mailbox.

No, we are not crazy. We just love you.

If you aren't one of the lucky 20 people getting tickets, don't forget that there are a limited number of tickets available on October 9th beginning at 11:00 AM in the College Center. The tickets will be $25 (cash only please) with a maximum of two tickets per person. No Vassar I.D. required."

10.5.09 10:22am

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