October 11, 2009

What People Are Saying About Grizzly Bear

Here is what concert-goers tweeted about Friday night's Grizzly Bear/Beach House concert...

"grizzly bear in the vassar chapel made want to find God, or maybe I already did? i'm a born-again bear."

"Grizzly bear goodness in this awesome chapel with giant pipe organ behind them sounds, looks and feels amazing and heavenly."

"Grizzly Bear transforms the Chapel into a 35000 sq. ft. amp"

"Grizzly Bear was exceedingly boring. Beach House was slightly better. Vassar's chapel is a great venue, though."

"Sitting eight rows back from grizzly bear in vassar chapel. Its pretty beautiful."

"Waiting for Grizzly Bear at Vassar College. Yeah, I feel old."

"Just got my face rocked off by a grizzly bear and a beach house"

"A funeral is more exciting than grizzly bear"

"grizzly bear was better than expected, but beach house > grizzly bear"

Also, there were no cameras allowed during Grizzly Bear's performance, but Mads managed to snap this pic of the stage set-up after the show. Loved the Mason jar lights.

10.11.09 11:01am


charlnic said...

it was WAY too loud, and it sounded like mourning parents, and i felt blinded when the lights came on

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