October 28, 2009

What We're Watching

Mads went to the midnight opening of This Is It last night, a documentary about the preparation for Michael Jackson's fifty sold out shows in London's O2 arena that would have taken place in July.

If you're a Michael fan, see this movie immediately. It was an amazing and appropriate testament to the greatest entertainer of all time. The film avoids focusing on his death and never becomes too sentimental, but instead presents the process of putting on a major stage production. (The tears will come anyway.) And of course, there are the hits. He looks skinnier than he has since the early '80s, but he still moves and sings the same way too.

While scores of previously "unreleased" material are sure to be released - like the song "This Is It" featured in the film's credits - the documentary is the last new product Michael will ever give us. This really is it.

10.28.09 8:31pm


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