November 25, 2009

Search Party In Pictures

A few days late, but here are some pictures from ViCE's Search Party last weekend.

By the way, E-603's album Torn Up is available for free online.

11.25.09 12:13am

Our Rivals Win PETA Contest

Despite allegations of unfair voting, Wesleyan has been named the country's Most Vegetarian-Friendly School in PETA's competition.

Vassar was up against Wesleyan in the first round of the competition. Sadly, we didn't even make the top 10.
11.25.09 12:08am

November 24, 2009

Big Week For Noah Baumbach

Noah Baumbach '91 is having an exciting week. The trailer for his upcoming film Greenberg came out today and his latest screenwriting collaboration with Wes Anderson, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, opens tomorrow.

In Greenberg, Ben Stiller plays the title character who moves into his brother's house in LA and grows close with his brother's personal assistant. "As their relationship develops through a series of embarrassingly awkward romantic encounters, even someone as irascible as Greenberg might have at last found a reason to be happy," the synopsis states.

The film comes out in March.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox, which features the voice of Meryl Streep '71, has already received rave reviews.

11.24.09 11:46pm

Vassar And Thanksgiving

What do the histories of Vassar and Thanksgiving have in common?

Sarah Josepha Hale, the editor of a popular 19th century women's journal, suggested that Matthew Vassar remove the word "female" from the original name of the college, Vassar Female College. The trustees obeyed, and that's why there is an empty space between the slates for "Vassar" and "College" above the entrance to Main Building.

Hale is also responsible for Thanksgiving becoming a national holiday. Back in the day, Hale wrote editorials proclaiming that the holiday should officially take place on the last Thursday of each November. President Lincoln obliged in 1863.

Click here
to read more about Hale's contributions to life as we know it. Have a relaxing break, readers!

11.24.09 10:25pm

November 23, 2009

CHOICE Presents...

Tonight CHOICE is presenting The Female Orgasm from 7-9pm in Rocky 300.

"Join us to laugh and learn about the 'big O,' the most popular topic sex educators Marshall Miller and Dorian Solot teach about! Orgasm aficionados and beginners of all genders are welcome to come learn about everything from multiple orgasms to that mysterious G-spot. Whether you want to learn how to have your first orgasm, how to have better ones, or how to help your girlfriend, Dorian and Marshall cover it all with lots of humor, plenty of honesty, and an underlying message of sexual health and women's empowerment. People of all genders welcome. Are you coming?"

Click here for more info.
11.23.09 9:47am

November 21, 2009

New Video Of Local Election Controversy

The Daily Freeman just posted this video of a Bard student being challenged at the polls when trying to vote in the local elections a few weeks ago. According to the DF, the video shows "a dispute between elections officials and one student who wanted to cast his ballot on the District 5 machine, rather than by affidavit. The voter claims to be challenging on the basis of residency, but without providing a reason."

Here is the dialogue between the poll worker and the person filming:
"Challenge for residency."
"What's the basis for the challenge?"
'What's the specific reason?"
"Residency. That's the only answer you get... That's all I'm going to tell you."

Even more disturbing footage comes later in the clip when the poll worker is again asked the basis for challenging the student's residency. The worker walks calmly up to the camera and suddenly smacks it away.
11.21.09 4:02pm

November 20, 2009

Firetrucks Outside of Main

Lots of firetrucks outside of Main right now. The fire alarm went off, but it's unclear whether or not this is in any way related to preparations for the ViCE party, which involves a fog machine. We spoke to a security officer who could not confirm that the fog machine was the cause.

Update: We have confirmation that the fog machine was indeed the cause of the fire alarm, but the party will go on!
11.20.09 7:00pm

Vampire Weekend "Cousin" Speaks

Vampire Weekend, who played at Vassar back in Fall 2007, just released the second single from their sophomore album, "Cousins."

Ironically, the first cousin of VW's lead singer Ezra Koenig is Vassar's very own Mike Koenig '11. Here's what Mike had to say about the song:

"'Cousins' is rockin and full of energy. It's great to see Ezra and the band are still kickin' it, and I'm pumped for their new album. "

It's unconfirmed whether or not Mike is the inspiration behind the song.
11.20.09 5:16pm

Your First Look

Here is your first look at the stage set-up for tonight's Search Party.

Still very much a work in progress, but it looks good. Lots of lights.
11.20.09 5:17pm

November 19, 2009

Film League Presents...

This week ViCE Film League presents Steven Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experience.

11.19.09 11:04am

This Weekend On Campus...Squeezing It In Edition

There's a lot going on this weekend, including tonight, as orgs are trying to squeeze in their last events before Thanksgiving break. Here's our list of what's worth checking out. Email us for publicity.

VJU presents Iron Chef Sushi Party, 6:30pm Bayit
VRDT Final Showings, 8pm Kenyon (email dancetix@vassar for reservations)
Hip Hop 101 and Contrast present Wild Style, 8:30pm Villard Room
After Hours Showcase, 9pm Mug
Spacemug featuring Respire, midnight Mug

Iced Brew presents Friday Night Skating, 6:45pm Civic Center. (Transportation from Main Circle. $10 in advance in CC, $15 at door. Featuring an exhibition performance.)
ViCE Film League presents The Girlfriend Experience, 7:30pm Blodgett
VRDT Final Showings, 8pm Kenyon (email dancetix@vassar for reservations)
Improv Show, 9pm Taylor 203
Do it in the Dark, 10pm Aula
Michael Jackson Mug Night, 10pm Mug
ViCE Search Party featuring Ninjasonik and E-603, 10:30pm Villard Room

ViCE Film League presents The Girlfriend Experience, 7:30pm Blodgett
VRDT Final Showings, 8pm Kenyon (email dancetix@vassar for reservations)
Improv Show, 8pm Taylor 203
VC Punx Show, 8pm Mug
Harvest Ball, 10pm UpC
2013 Black Jack Mug Night, 11pm Mug

11.19.09 11:20am

November 18, 2009

Rent Press Release On BroadwayWorld posted an article yesterday about Vassar's upcoming production of Rent.

According to the article, Vassar's production is one of the first-ever college productions of the musical. Drama professor Chris Grabowski, who is directing the production, also directed the first staged reading of the musical when it was in development. The Vassar rendition may be different than the one you're familiar with. "Rather than producing a mere imitation of the glamarous Broadway productions of the musical," the article states, "Graowski said he decided to present a Rent that is 'more reminiscent of its earlier off-Broadway days, when the musical was considered cutting-edge, with a cast comprised of unfamiliar faces, and the production thrifty.'"

Nate Silver '10, who is Rent's associate director, is also quoted: "What we're doing is going back, finding what the story is in the play, and also what it means to us as a group of young artists...trying to get ourselves heard now and in the future.

Update: So it turns out that the so-called article on is actually a press release put out by Vassar. Oops.

11.18.09 10:00am

Contrast Lecture & Sale Today

Contrast is hosting a lecture today featuring Steven Tatar, Creative Director of Ohio Knitting Mills.

Today (Wednesday) at 4:30pm in Rocky 200.
A sale will follow from 5:30 to 7:30pm.

11.18.09 12:41am

November 17, 2009

Grizzly Bear Tour Bus In Accident

According to Pitchfork, Grizzly Bear's tour bus (probably not the one they drove to Vassar, pictured above) got in in an accident in Munich last Thursday night. From the band's website:

"The bus and trailer were hit and rendered immovable. The trailer was wrecked and the bus engine split. Everyone involved is fine."

The band had to cancel their opening slot for Wilco scheduled for Saturday in Milan when the replacement bus never came. The rest of their tour will continue as planned.
Photos via Mads Vassar Blog and Zach Russo '11 for ViCE.
11.17.09 1:48pm

Roellke Dog Found!

Dean Roellke left a comment on the blog to let us know that his family's dog Gullaby was finally found today. Somehow Gullaby made it all the way to Highland across the river.

Hours before he heard the news, the Dean left a comment here sharing the unfortunate information that Gullaby was still missing. "We are still hopeful that he will return home safely someday," the Dean wrote.

Dean Roellke also took the opportunity to apologize for sending out all-campus emails for the matter. "In retrospect, I could have considered other venues to get the word out," he wrote. "Frankly, we were scrambling a bit and were probably not thinking clearly. We will not use email for this personal purpose again."

We're glad to hear Gullaby is back!

11.17.09 1:34pm

What We're Reading...Fulbright & Vassar

Back in October, the Chronicle of Higher Education listed the top producers of Fulbright Awards and Vassar topped the list of Bachelor's institutions.

There is some confusion though. The Chronicle lists Vassar as having two awards, although the Misc said there were six student awards.

Click here to read more about it.

11.17.09 10:31am

November 14, 2009

Roellke Dogs Are Missing

In two all-campus emails today, Dean Roellke reports that two of his dogs are missing and asks that students look out for them.

"Two of our three dogs (Jeter--a springer spaniel mix and Gullaby--a toy sized poodle type mix) got out of Pratt House very early this morning and have not returned. They have been missing for about 5 hours," the Dean wrote at 10:30am.

Then in an email at 4:15pm: "Still no luck finding our much beloved pets...very unusual for them to be gone this long."

Jeter is described as 45 lbs. and black and white. Gullaby is 7 lbs. and is brindle and has shaggy hair.

Update 11/15: Luckily Jeter was found, but Gullaby is still missing. Continue to keep a look out!
11.14.09 4:20pm

November 13, 2009

Spotted...Former Student On Fashion Blog

A certain campus celebrity who no longer attends Vassar is featured in the most recent post of the popular fashion blog, The Satorialist.

Some of the comments include:

"It takes some guts for a man to pull off floral pants."

"Oh that is just horrific."

"I like the look. Thank god we don't all have the same style and dress the same way."

11.13.09 4:05pm

One Week From Today

ViCE has just announced that the DJs for next week's Search Party are E-603, Ninjasonik, DJ Cookies, and DJ Honey Wilder.

There will also be an energy bar and free giveaways.

Friday, 11/20 at 10:30pm in the Villard Room.
11.13.09 2:30pm

Cappy Speaks On Voting Controversy

Cappy wrote a letter to the Poughkeepsie Journal on Tuesday about the problems Vassar students faced when voting in the local elections.

"Many [Vassar students] have a very strong commitment to the local community where they live the vast majority of the year," Cappy writes, noting students' involvement in community service, including raising $500,000 to date for Community Works.

"I would ask election officials for the opportunity to work together to resolve the obstacles for future elections that made it difficult for students to vote in the last election," Cappy writes, adding, "We need to be able to assure our students who are registered voters of their opportunity to participate in elections."

11.13.09 2:13pm

This Weekend On Campus...Unsinkable Edition

Here is our weekly list of what's worth checking out this weekend. Email us for publicity.

ViCE Film League and 2013 present Titanic, 7pm Blodgett.
After Hours Showcase, 7:30pm CC MPR.
Indecent Exposure Fall Show, 9pm Taylor 102.
Poder Latino presents Frikiton Friday, 11pm Mug.
Rocky Horror Picture Show, Midnight Sanders.

ViCE Film League and 2013 present Titanic, 7pm Blodgett.
ASU Mug Night, 11pm Mug.
Rocky Horror Picture Show, Midnight Sanders.

Challah For Hunger French Toast Fest, 10pm Aula. All you can eat for $5. Featuring After Hours performers.

11.13.09 11:59am

Titanic Was Called The Ship Of Dreams...

ViCE Film League and the Class of 2013 present Titanic.

Tonight and tomorrow night, 7pm in Blodgett Auditorium.

11.13.09 11:46am

November 12, 2009

Hip Hop 101 Presents Turn It Loose

After The Visitor you can go see Turn it Loose, a documentary about a competition between sixteen of the world's best B-Boys in Soweto, South Africa, presented by Hip Hop 101. There will be free Red Bull.

Click here for more info.

Tonight (Thurs) at 8pm in Blodgett Auditorium.

11.12.09 3:47pm

Film Dept. & Amnesty Present The Visitor

The Film Department and Amnesty International are teaming up to present Academy Award nominated film, The Visitor today (Thursday) at 5pm in Drama and Film rm. 109.

11.12.09 8:24am

November 11, 2009

Foul Play In PETA Competition?

Vassar lost to Wesleyan in the first round of PETA's Most Vegetarian Friendly School contest, but The Wesleyan Argus suggests that the voting may not have been fair.

According to the Argus, Wesleyan's food service provider set up a "voting station" and offered free baked goods to students who voted.

“This competition is all propaganda...The way they did it last year, I felt that they were bribing us and I was pretty upset over it. I didn’t think the vegan food was very good, so why were they making us vote for them?" one student is quoted as saying.

11.11.09 7:59pm

More Response To Rowing Cut

Since news broke last week that the varsity rowing teams would be cut, current and former rowers have come out in response against the decision.

The latest email to administration we've seen is from Jaime-Alexis Fowler '04, a former captain and co-captain. Among other points and anecdotes, Jaime-Alexis enumerates the ways Vassar will be negatively impacted by not having a varsity team:

  • Prestige: Vassar will now be the only Seven Sister school to not have a Varsity rowing program
  • Tradition: Since 1866, the sport has had a presence on campus and a rich tradition of investing in women’s sports
  • Recruitment: High school rowers number in the tens, if not hundreds of thousands, and consistently are recognized as some of the most well-rounded student athletes with the highest GPAs
  • Visibility: Major regattas like Head of the Charles, ECACs, etc bring national exposure unrivalled by some of the other teams on campus
  • Outreach: Many other athletes who did not row in high school are attracted to colleges that offer rowing as something new to try; it also offers a great talking point for talking about Vassar
  • Alumnae/i: Rowers and non-rowers alike have expressed outrage at this decision, consistently pointing out that this is not the Vassar they knew
  • Donations: In my circle that includes me, my partner (class of ’04), his parents (class of ’74), his grandmother (class of ’49), my friends, and my parents (from whom I usually solicit donations)…
"I will always have my memories," Jaime-Alexis writes, "of early morning practices where blades dipped in fog and hulls slipped through the echoes of barge wake, of bus breakdowns on the way back from regattas where we trekked down deserted highways to the local gas station, of bonds so close and dear that at our last race we stood 10 arms linked together shaking on the dock at the sheer power of being together. But now, sadly other Vassar students never will."

Click here and here to see what alumni John Gregory '04 and Jason Adam Stahl '08 had to say.

Image via V-Encyclopedia.
11.11.09 3:27pm

November 10, 2009

Obama Nominates Another Grad For Post

President Obama has nominated Laura Kennedy '73 for the job of US ambassador to the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva.

Obama said that Kennedy will be an important addition "to our administration as we work to put our nation back on a path to prosperity and make our world more secure."

Kennedy has worked for the State Department since 1975. She is currently Deputy Commandant and a faculty member at the National War College. She received her BA in Asian Studies at Vassar.

Kennedy is the fourth Vassar graduate that Obama has nominated for a position. Not too shabby for a small school.

Image via Department of State.

11.10.09 9:15pm

Another Rowing Alumnus Responds

Jason Adam Stahl '08, a Vassar rowing team alumnus, has sent an in-depth nine page report to Dean Kitzinger, Sharon Beverly and Cappy on "why the Vassar administration's strategy for Men's and Women's Rowing will not work, and how to create a strategy that will."

Jason is currently coaching his high school rowing team while pursuing a degree in education.

Among other complaints, Jason believes that having Vassar rowers participate in the HRRA as proposed will do more harm than good. "A closer look at the recent results of HRRA from every angle show that its competitive 'returns' are pedestrian and most likely to negatively affect the performance of Vassar’s Men’s and Women’s teams," Jason writes.

In addition, Jason states that participating in the HRRA would prevent Vassar rowers from competing in certain regattas and competitions because of scheduling and the lack of a distinct school team.

"Students do not simply want to row competitively while at Vassar," Jason writes. "They want to row competitively for Vassar."

11.10.09 2:59pm

Spotted...Mug Lays Down The Law

There is a large new sign at the entrance to the Mug that is no doubt in response to Saturday night's incident.
11.10.09 11:45am

Quidditch Tournament Coming To Vassar

Vassar's quidditch team, The Butterbeer Brewers, is hosting its first ever home tournament this weekend. So far teams from Lafayette, Chestnut Hill and and Queen's University (from Ontario) are participating.

Saturday, 11/14 12-4pm in Noyes Circle.

Update: Queen's University is no longer participating, but Villanova University is.

Photo via Vassar Quidditch.

11.10.09 9:02am

November 9, 2009

Faculty Is Circulating A Petition

Some Vassar faculty members have drafted a petition to the Board of Trustees regarding the ongoing staff reductions. The petition states the belief that faculty and employee layoffs will "significantly damage curriculum, community, core values, and finally, and most importantly, the future of our institution." The petition asks that the college's financial woes be "dealt with through humane, thoughtful and collaborative measures that protect community and curriculum."

The petition mentions that dire circumstances of some of Vassar's workers, such as carpenter Brian Denu who has worked at Vassar for the last decade and now "has started selling off his farm to help his family make it through the winter because the college will be laying him off in December."

The petition calls for a "long-term fund-raising strategy [that] must expand to include what we know about the internet, organizing, and community engagement."

For more information, see the Don't Let Vassar Silence Writers Facebook group, which has now expanded to include other issues involving Vassar's layoffs and cutbacks.

Update: The petition is open for students, staff, faculty, parents, and alumnae/i to sign. If you would like to sign it, email

11.9.09 8:18pm

Mug And 2011 Reps Respond To Incident

Representatives for the Mug and the Class of 2011 are responding to Saturday night's incident through emails to Mads and comments on this blog.

Campus Dining's Director of Marketing and Sustainability, Ken Oldehoff, who oversees the Mug, wrote the following:

"There is a sign posted at the entrance to Matthew's Mug stating that the Mug will close for the evening if there is illegal activity. Stealing beer is illegal... If patrons act in a manner where we can't be certain that they are acting according to the law, we will close the bar... If the [town] or state police [were] to discover underage drinking in the Mug, they could arrest the bartender. So you buy a beer and pass it off to your friend and a college employee is arrested for a misdemeanor, wonderful. Don't blame the bartender because certain people act like spoiled fools."

Meanwhile, Julia Eicher '11, the Treasurer for 2011 and one of the event's organizers, had this to say:

"Punishing everyone because of the actions of one person is juvenile and disrespectful of the integrity of the majority of the student body. This incident was unfortunate and disrespectful, but so was the reaction of the bartender. It is entirely possible to close the bar and keep the Mug open- any concern regarding illegal activity involving the alcohol available there can be resolved by pulling the metal gate down over the bar and closing it up. This event was the result of a huge amount of hard work and planning, not to mention a pretty large amount of money. As Betty said, it was wonderful to finally see a group equally composed of freshmen-seniors having fun together and ruining the whole night because one person did something stupid is really just another way to make the student body feel like children. There is a tremendous lack of respect on this campus- in both directions."

The student liaison to the Mug, Paul Noonan '10, declined to comment until he meets with administration to discuss the incident. He did, however, email us the following statement:

"As the Student Mug Liaison, I highly encourage students to email me at with their questions, comments, and concerns about the incident on Saturday or the Mug in general. It is my job to accurately present the student opinion, so feel free to voice whatever you're feeling."

Update: Paul Noonan '10 just sent us the following statement:

"The appropriate administrative parties have been made aware of the angry reaction to Saturday night's closure. Meetings will continue throughout the week to figure out why this happened and what can be done in the future.

Also, the sign posted on the door of Matthew's Mug states:
If there is any evidence of illegal activity in Matthew's Mug, the bar will be closed for the evening [emphasis is Paul's].

The definition of bar could be considered a gray area, and is also being discussed."

11.9.09 3:58pm

November 8, 2009

2011 Mug Night Cut Short

The bartender closed the Mug early last night, leaving many students unhappy and without plans. Apparently during 2011's "Blackout" party, a student reached over the bar and attempted to fill his own drink from the tap. Not only did the student break regulations in doing so, but he also broke the bar tap, causing beer to spill out uncontrollably behind the bar, according to a source who spoke with the bartender. The bartender started yelling and forced Betty to close the Mug at around 12:30am, just as DJ Olmec was getting into his set.

Junior class officers, the VSA Vice President for Activities, Betty and DJ Olmec all tried to convince the bartender to keep the Mug open, but were unsuccessful.VP Aaron Grober '11 challenged the bartender's authority to close the entire Mug rather than just the bar. 2011 reps offered to pay for the damages and asked if only the bar could close instead of the entire Mug.

"The Mug night was tribal," says DJ Sharkattackz, who played the first set of the night.

No word yet on whether this will affect next week's Poder Latino Mug night.

Update: DJ Olmec, whose set was interrupted, tweeted the following about the incident: "U gotta be gentle on the tap."

11.8.09 12:12pm

Your First Look...Titanic Returns!

ViCE Film League and the Class of 2013 are screening the legendary Titanic on Friday and Saturday. ViCE just sent us this exclusive first look at two of thirty different posters for the event. All of the posters feature a different image and quote from the movie.

11.8.09 11:57am

November 7, 2009

Rowers Are Taking Action To Raise $10K

In addition to the efforts of alumnae/i to save the rowing team, current rowers are having an "ergathon" in the College Center for 120 hours starting on Wednesday.

"Our goal is to create a club model that will enable us to continue competing at the same high level that we have become accustomed to and that we have earned in the last few years," a statement on the Facebook event page states. "We aim to ultimately, through our own financial independence, make program-affecting decisions to ensure future successes without putting a financial burden upon participants of the sport at Vassar."

In addition to constantly having rowers on the machines, the team will also be selling baked goods and spandex, as well as asking for donations.

The team hopes to raise $10,000 at this event.

Photo via Facebook.

11.7.09 5:17pm

What We're Watching...An Important Video

Vassar Works posted this important video on faculty/employee cuts, featuring a collection of meaningful interviews.

11.7.09 12:15pm

November 6, 2009

Vassar Rowing Through The Ages

Just something to think about: Vassar's rowing program, although not always considered a varsity sport, dates back to 1866, according to the V-Encyclopedia.

11.6.09 6:48pm

Rowing Alums Respond To Cut

Alumni and alumnae of Vassar's rowing program are mobilizing to take action in response to the announcement that the varsity men's and women's teams are being cut.

In an email to administration, coaches, and current and former team members, former captain John Gregory '04 stresses the importance of the program, calling it "the most fortifying and formative experience of my life."

"It is not only a dire misstep for the institution, but also a personal affront to the hundreds of dedicated, strong-hearted individuals who have endured sleep-deprived, ice-cold Hudson River mornings to achieve incredible, inhuman feats of strength in the name of Vassar," John writes.

He continues: "The experience that I and my teammates shared is priceless in the truest sense of the word. I absolutely cannot understand casting up the rowing team as a sacrificial lamb in this time of economic downturn. It is a weak solution and sincerely makes me question the leadership of the college."

In addition to personal anecdotes from his rowing days, John lists the advantages that come with having the teams, including exposure for the school name and the good it does for individual athletes.

We're told to expect more of a response from alums in the coming days. Check back!

Image via Vassar Athletics.
11.6.09 6:39pm

What We're Reading...Yale & Vassar

Here is an article in Yale's newspaper from a few weeks ago on the forty year anniversary of the "marriage" that would have been between our schools. The writer breaks the article down into the stages of the relationship, comparing them to the stages of getting married, from "Waiting for Wedding Bells" and "Cold Feet" to "Let's Get Physical" and "On the Rebound."

"Vassar was already a longtime destination for Yalies looking for dates and weekends of fun," the article states.

Vassar's own college historian and professor emeritus of English, Elizabeth Daniels '41 is quoted in the article, as she was on a committee that explored the possibility of coeducation.

So what happened? Eventually, "the Vassar trustees unanimously rejected Yale’s proposal, bowing to pressure from alumnae and faculty who wanted to maintain the college’s independence." Other concerns were over having to relocate the campus to New Haven.

Click here to read the full article.
Image of couple during the Yale-Vassar Bike Race of 1952, via Life Photo Archive.

11.6.09 11:29am

This Weekend On Campus...The Weekend After Edition

Most people will be catching up on sleep and homework after last weekend's Halloween events, but there are still a few things worth checking out in the coming days. Email us for publicity.

ViCE Film League presents Food, Inc., 7:30pm Blodgett, Co-sponsored by Vassar Greens, Vassar Animal Rights Club, and Vassar Association of Student Activists
Fly People Work-in-Progress Show, 8pm Kenyon
SASA Mug Night, 10pm Mug
Stoplight Party, 10pm UpC
Rocky Horror Picture Show, midnight Sanders (doors 11:30pm, $6 at door)

ViCE Film League presents Food, Inc., 7:30pm Blodgett, Co-sponsored by Vassar Greens, Vassar Animal Rights Club, and Vassar Association of Student Activists
Blackout 2011 Mug Night, 10pm Mug
Rocky Horror Picture Show, midnight Sanders (doors 11:30pm, $6 at door)

NoViCE presents Grass Widow and Grooms, 3pm CC MPR

11.6.09 2:19am

November 5, 2009

Cappy Taking Pay Cut, But Still Making Bank

In today's Miscellany News, Cappy announced that she will be taking a 5% pay cut "to symbolize...that everyone is sacrificing at this moment in our College’s history."

"As the head of the institution and its highest paid employee," she writes, "I do feel a special responsibility, and so I have contributed five percent of my salary this year to the College."

In general, however, Cappy feels that lowering salaries is not the best way to solve the college's economic problems. "A long-term solution to the financial situation requires changes in the College’s organizational structure and employment levels, rather than a short-term lowering of current employees’ compensation," she writes. The compensation for some faculty and administrators, however, has been frozen. "I can assure you that many of those not receiving the expected annual increase understood this as a sacrifice asked of them for the good of the institution," she writes.

Coincidentally, an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education last week listed the compensation for presidents of private colleges, all of whom make well over $300,000 a year. According to the article, Cappy received $450,137 in the 2007-2008 academic year.

11.5.09 10:53am

Film League Presents...

Food, Inc.
Co-sponsored by the Vassar Animal Rights Club, the Vassar Greens, and the Vassar Association of Class Activists.

Friday and Saturday, 7:30pm in Blodgett.

11.5.09 8:49am

November 4, 2009

Rowing Team Is Being Cut, Rowers May Join HRRA

The latest victim of the college's financial cuts is the rowing team, according to the women's varsity team captain. The decision was reached by Athletic Director Sharon Beverly and Dean Kitzinger.

Apparently, the team found out about it by reading an article in tomorrow's Misc. "The athletics department should have been transparent in their decision making process, and in deciding not to share their thoughts with us, they should have at least had the decency and courtesy to share their decision with those affected by it before sharing with the campus," captain Christina Peltier '10 wrote to us in an email.

"The most upsetting fact of the matter is that there was no consultation of the student-athletes on the team," says Christina. "The administration has based their decision on participation and has neglected a very important resource in student opinion, which is becoming an alarming trend on campus."

Both men's and women's teams have won Liberty League honors, yet Christina says "the athletic department often forgets to acknowledge our accolades while praising those of more visible sports."

Administrators have proposed that Vassar rowers join the HRRA (Hudson River Rowing Association," which consists of students from various schools. To some, however, this means giving up the pride that comes from competing for Vassar.

"For many of us," Christina says, "we are losing the activity that has defined our college careers."

Update: According to the Misc's article, Dean Kitzinger believes that Vassar will save $35,000 if the rowing team participates in the HRRA, which the team's current head coach has agreed to work with. The new program will cost students $500 per semester.

The team's assistant coach will not be part of the new program.

Image via Vassar Athletics.

11.4.09 11:58pm

Pete Seeger In Top 5 Most Influential Artists

Channel Thirteen is having a contest for the most influential artist of all time and Pete Seeger, who performed at Vassar in October, made the list of the final five nominees.

The nomination reads:
"He is the epitome of the American folk artist and troubadour, keeping alive a long tradition. Not only does he entertain, but he sings out loud as an activist. He sung against the Viet Nam War, he sung for civil rights. He co-founded the Clearwater sloop and is at the forefront of efforts to clean the Hudson River, educating people about pollution and inspiring them to do something about it. Throughout his life, he walks the walk, true to his message and the spirit of peace."

The other nominees are The Beatles, U2/Bono, Bob Dylan, and Michael Jackson.

Voting ends on Monday night.

11.4.09 5:07pm

New Clips From The Limit

The Limit just posted some new clips...

And here is the sequel to their popular "Smoking Kills" clip:

11.4.09 12:40pm

One Year Later...

11.4.09 1:39am

Flesland Defeats Lieb

Unfortunately, there won't be a member of the Vassar community in the County Legislature. Republican Angela E. Flesland defeated Democrat and Vassar librarian Gretchen Lieb by 163 votes, according to the results on the Poughkeepsie Journal website.

The day was full of complications as a state Supreme Court judge ruled that some Vassar students would have to fill out paper ballots, which would not be counted until November 12th. That injunction was overturned later in the evening.

Photos via Dutchess County Online and Facebook.

11.4.09 12:54am

November 3, 2009

Breaking: Ruling Against Vassar Voters Is Overturned

Breaking News...

According to sources inside the Lieb campaign, the injunction made earlier today against some Vassar student voters has been overturned. We're trying to get some confirmation on this.

This is great news, although there is just over an hour until the polls close.

Update: Assistant Professor of Poli-Sci Sarita Gregory confirms to that the injunction has indeed been overturned. Students who voted by paper ballot after the initial injunction, however, will not be allowed to revote.

You read it here first!

Update 2: The Poughkeepsie Journal now has the story.
11.3.09 7:45pm

Breaking: Judge Rules Against Vassar Students

Breaking News

According to the Poughkeepsie Journal, a state Supreme Court judge ruled that Vassar students who switched dorms after registering to vote may have to use a paper ballot that won't be counted until November 12th.

This ruling came in response to a complaint by Town of Poughkeepsie Republican Chairman Thomas Martinelli.

Story developing...

11.3.09 5:48pm

Breaking: Intimidation and Harassment At Polls

Breaking News

It turns out that the claims of voter intimidation and harassment at the polls today are more serious than initially described in VSA President Caitlin Ly's email.

In a later email from Caitlin, she wrote that according to the Dutchess County Democratic Headquarters, "the Republicans are in court trying to getting an injunction to bar student voters from using the voting machines."

This isn't the first time local Republicans have resorted to playing dirty. As we first posted during October break, information was sent out through telephone calls and literature in an attempt to dissuade people from voting for Vassar librarian Gretchen Lieb. Ms. Lieb emailed us to put those rumors to rest.

Raymon Parker also sent out an email with information from Assistant Professor of Poli Sci Sarita Gregory on fighting voter intimidation.

More information is available at

11.3.09 5:41pm

And The Costume Contest Results Are...

Thanks to everyone who voted in our costume contest polls. You cast a total of 840 votes in three categories and made yesterday the second most-visited day in the history of this site with over 3,000 page views.

The winners are...

Best Celebrity or Character: Lady Gaga (142 votes, 45% of the vote)
Best Scary Costume: Twins from The Shining (115 votes, 45% of the vote)

Most Creative Costume: Rock, Paper, Scissors (116 votes, 41% of the vote)
Thanks to everyone who submitted photos! Sorry we couldn't post them all.

11.3.09 1:38pm

Vote Today!

Hundreds of you voted in our Halloween costume contest polls, but the real voting is today.

Voting for the local election is at the Arthur May School. "A number of Vassar students are being challenged at the door and discouraged from exercising their right to vote," VSA President Caitlin Ly '10 wrote in an email to all students. "Remember that voting is your right and that your vote does make a difference," she added.

A van is leaving every half hour until 8pm from Main Circle to transport students to the polls. Click here for more information.

Finally, in case you missed it, click here to read about Vassar librarian Gretchen Lieb who is running for County Legislature.

11.3.09 1:28pm

November 2, 2009

Halloween Costume Contest: Best Celebrity Or Character

Here is our final installment of Halloween costumes. Vote for which one you think is the best celebrity or character.
Sexy Angel (in poll as "Bruno")

Lady Gaga

Jose Cuervo, Captain Morgan, and Jack Daniels

Devendra Banhart

Mr. Rogers

Taylor and Rachel Zoe from The Rachel Zoe Project

The Kool-Aid Man
11.2.09 3:33pm