November 10, 2009

Another Rowing Alumnus Responds

Jason Adam Stahl '08, a Vassar rowing team alumnus, has sent an in-depth nine page report to Dean Kitzinger, Sharon Beverly and Cappy on "why the Vassar administration's strategy for Men's and Women's Rowing will not work, and how to create a strategy that will."

Jason is currently coaching his high school rowing team while pursuing a degree in education.

Among other complaints, Jason believes that having Vassar rowers participate in the HRRA as proposed will do more harm than good. "A closer look at the recent results of HRRA from every angle show that its competitive 'returns' are pedestrian and most likely to negatively affect the performance of Vassar’s Men’s and Women’s teams," Jason writes.

In addition, Jason states that participating in the HRRA would prevent Vassar rowers from competing in certain regattas and competitions because of scheduling and the lack of a distinct school team.

"Students do not simply want to row competitively while at Vassar," Jason writes. "They want to row competitively for Vassar."

11.10.09 2:59pm

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