November 3, 2009

Breaking: Intimidation and Harassment At Polls

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It turns out that the claims of voter intimidation and harassment at the polls today are more serious than initially described in VSA President Caitlin Ly's email.

In a later email from Caitlin, she wrote that according to the Dutchess County Democratic Headquarters, "the Republicans are in court trying to getting an injunction to bar student voters from using the voting machines."

This isn't the first time local Republicans have resorted to playing dirty. As we first posted during October break, information was sent out through telephone calls and literature in an attempt to dissuade people from voting for Vassar librarian Gretchen Lieb. Ms. Lieb emailed us to put those rumors to rest.

Raymon Parker also sent out an email with information from Assistant Professor of Poli Sci Sarita Gregory on fighting voter intimidation.

More information is available at

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