November 18, 2009

Rent Press Release On BroadwayWorld posted an article yesterday about Vassar's upcoming production of Rent.

According to the article, Vassar's production is one of the first-ever college productions of the musical. Drama professor Chris Grabowski, who is directing the production, also directed the first staged reading of the musical when it was in development. The Vassar rendition may be different than the one you're familiar with. "Rather than producing a mere imitation of the glamarous Broadway productions of the musical," the article states, "Graowski said he decided to present a Rent that is 'more reminiscent of its earlier off-Broadway days, when the musical was considered cutting-edge, with a cast comprised of unfamiliar faces, and the production thrifty.'"

Nate Silver '10, who is Rent's associate director, is also quoted: "What we're doing is going back, finding what the story is in the play, and also what it means to us as a group of young artists...trying to get ourselves heard now and in the future.

Update: So it turns out that the so-called article on is actually a press release put out by Vassar. Oops.

11.18.09 10:00am

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