November 8, 2009

2011 Mug Night Cut Short

The bartender closed the Mug early last night, leaving many students unhappy and without plans. Apparently during 2011's "Blackout" party, a student reached over the bar and attempted to fill his own drink from the tap. Not only did the student break regulations in doing so, but he also broke the bar tap, causing beer to spill out uncontrollably behind the bar, according to a source who spoke with the bartender. The bartender started yelling and forced Betty to close the Mug at around 12:30am, just as DJ Olmec was getting into his set.

Junior class officers, the VSA Vice President for Activities, Betty and DJ Olmec all tried to convince the bartender to keep the Mug open, but were unsuccessful.VP Aaron Grober '11 challenged the bartender's authority to close the entire Mug rather than just the bar. 2011 reps offered to pay for the damages and asked if only the bar could close instead of the entire Mug.

"The Mug night was tribal," says DJ Sharkattackz, who played the first set of the night.

No word yet on whether this will affect next week's Poder Latino Mug night.

Update: DJ Olmec, whose set was interrupted, tweeted the following about the incident: "U gotta be gentle on the tap."

11.8.09 12:12pm


Nick said...

Sorry, if you're running a bar/venue/club/event and a guest does something retarded, you don't flip the lights on, cut the sound, throw a hissy-fit and kick out all your patrons. Childish and unprofessional.

Leslie said...

Wow Olmec, "retarded"? Grow up man. A bar full of drunk underage college kids who only congregate because they want to bone someone is not what I would call a professional establishment.

Kenneth said...

There is a sign posted at the entrance to Matthew's Mug stating that the Mug will close for the evening if there is illegal activity. Stealing beer is illegal. Campus Dining is responsible for all of the activities in the Licensed premise called Matthew's Mug, if patrons act in a manner where we can't be certain that they are acting according to the law, we will close the bar. When it comes to underage drinking in The Mug; an underage student will be told to leave if they are caught with a drink, but, if the ton or state police where to discover underage drinking in The Mug, they could arrest the bartender. So you buy a beer and pass it off to your friend and a college employee is arrested for a misdemeanor, wonderful.
Don't blame the bartender because certain people act like spoiled fools.

Ken Oldehoff

Anonymous said...

Well maybe it is time to start reevaluating that policy ("the Mug will close for the evening if there is illegal activity"). Punishing everyone because of the actions of one person is juvenile and disrespectful of the integrity of the majority of the student body. This incident was unfortunate and disrespectful, but so was the reaction of the bartender. It is entirely possible to close the bar and keep the Mug open- any concern regarding illegal activity involving the alcohol available there can be resolved by pulling the metal gate down over the bar and closing it up. This event was the result of a huge amount of hard work and planning, not to mention a pretty large amount of money. As Betty said, it was wonderful to finally see a group equally composed of freshmen-seniors having fun together and ruining the whole night because one person did something stupid is really just another way to make the student body feel like children. There is a tremendous lack of respect on this campus- in both directions.
That said, we hope to reschedule this event, or something similar, next semester, so stay posted.

Julia Eicher
Treasurer Class of 2011

Anonymous said...

Come on...seniors don't go the mug.

Anonymous said...

Thats what I thought and yet half the seniors I know were there... and before midnight too. It blew my mind.

Anonymous said...

its true, you can close the bar and keep the mug open. maybe this is a sign that we just shouldn't have a bar down there anyway.