November 9, 2009

Faculty Is Circulating A Petition

Some Vassar faculty members have drafted a petition to the Board of Trustees regarding the ongoing staff reductions. The petition states the belief that faculty and employee layoffs will "significantly damage curriculum, community, core values, and finally, and most importantly, the future of our institution." The petition asks that the college's financial woes be "dealt with through humane, thoughtful and collaborative measures that protect community and curriculum."

The petition mentions that dire circumstances of some of Vassar's workers, such as carpenter Brian Denu who has worked at Vassar for the last decade and now "has started selling off his farm to help his family make it through the winter because the college will be laying him off in December."

The petition calls for a "long-term fund-raising strategy [that] must expand to include what we know about the internet, organizing, and community engagement."

For more information, see the Don't Let Vassar Silence Writers Facebook group, which has now expanded to include other issues involving Vassar's layoffs and cutbacks.

Update: The petition is open for students, staff, faculty, parents, and alumnae/i to sign. If you would like to sign it, email

11.9.09 8:18pm

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