November 11, 2009

Foul Play In PETA Competition?

Vassar lost to Wesleyan in the first round of PETA's Most Vegetarian Friendly School contest, but The Wesleyan Argus suggests that the voting may not have been fair.

According to the Argus, Wesleyan's food service provider set up a "voting station" and offered free baked goods to students who voted.

“This competition is all propaganda...The way they did it last year, I felt that they were bribing us and I was pretty upset over it. I didn’t think the vegan food was very good, so why were they making us vote for them?" one student is quoted as saying.

11.11.09 7:59pm


retto314 said...

The question is, were the baked goods vegan, cause that's just a whole new level of wrong if they weren't...

Katie said...

haha...I'm going to guess that the dessert was like... shepherd's pie topped with meringue and honey or something.

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