November 4, 2009

Pete Seeger In Top 5 Most Influential Artists

Channel Thirteen is having a contest for the most influential artist of all time and Pete Seeger, who performed at Vassar in October, made the list of the final five nominees.

The nomination reads:
"He is the epitome of the American folk artist and troubadour, keeping alive a long tradition. Not only does he entertain, but he sings out loud as an activist. He sung against the Viet Nam War, he sung for civil rights. He co-founded the Clearwater sloop and is at the forefront of efforts to clean the Hudson River, educating people about pollution and inspiring them to do something about it. Throughout his life, he walks the walk, true to his message and the spirit of peace."

The other nominees are The Beatles, U2/Bono, Bob Dylan, and Michael Jackson.

Voting ends on Monday night.

11.4.09 5:07pm


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