November 10, 2009

Quidditch Tournament Coming To Vassar

Vassar's quidditch team, The Butterbeer Brewers, is hosting its first ever home tournament this weekend. So far teams from Lafayette, Chestnut Hill and and Queen's University (from Ontario) are participating.

Saturday, 11/14 12-4pm in Noyes Circle.

Update: Queen's University is no longer participating, but Villanova University is.

Photo via Vassar Quidditch.

11.10.09 9:02am


Molly said...

Queen's is no longer attending. Villanova University will be coming instead.

maya said...

Everyone dropped out of the tournament except Chestnut Hill. The final teams were two teams from Vassar College and Chestnut Hill College. It was a fun game. The final was Chestnut Hill taking home the trophy. The whole thing was amazing and the Vassar College rugby team even joined in for the fun playing both Vassar teams and the Chestnut Hill team. The next game will possibly be in the spring so hopefully we get more schools to come out.

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