November 17, 2009

Roellke Dog Found!

Dean Roellke left a comment on the blog to let us know that his family's dog Gullaby was finally found today. Somehow Gullaby made it all the way to Highland across the river.

Hours before he heard the news, the Dean left a comment here sharing the unfortunate information that Gullaby was still missing. "We are still hopeful that he will return home safely someday," the Dean wrote.

Dean Roellke also took the opportunity to apologize for sending out all-campus emails for the matter. "In retrospect, I could have considered other venues to get the word out," he wrote. "Frankly, we were scrambling a bit and were probably not thinking clearly. We will not use email for this personal purpose again."

We're glad to hear Gullaby is back!

11.17.09 1:34pm


Anonymous said...

i know i am in the minority in feeling this way, but i personally dont see anything wrong with him using the email system for this purpose. while it may seem a little inappropriate, vassar is a community (a fact we tend to forget around here), and i would like to think that any of us should feel comfortable asking the entire community for help should such a situation like this, in which basically a member of his family is missing, arise. obviously most of us cant send out all campus emails but as an owner of pets on campus i would really hope that if one of them were to go missing i could feel comfortable contacting dean roelke or a similar figure asking for such an email to be sent out. people here are so quick to make an issue out of everything, give the guy a break his dogs went missing, thats a scary and stressful situation for any family.

Christopher Roellke said...

Dear Madsvassar Readers and VC Students,

It is with much happiness and relief that I report that Gullaby has been found! He was located just a few minutes ago (4:15 p.m.) and we were alerted by a very nice family across the river in Highland--we are so grateful.

Again, I am very sorry for any uneasiness we have caused regarding the dogs departures and our email communications about them.

Many, many thanks to all. Kim and I will be making a donation to both the Dutchess County SPCA and the Ulster County SPCA in honor of Vassar students who have been so generous in helping in the search.

With much relief and gratitude,


Anonymous said...

Pets are the members of a family

Katie said...

Across the river?!? In Highland?!?! That is one crazy adventurous pup.

BoneFish said...

Yay! I'm so glad you found him!!

Kristen said...

I agree that email was totally fine to use in this case. I was worried about the dogs though, you should send an email saying you found Gullaby!