November 6, 2009

What We're Reading...Yale & Vassar

Here is an article in Yale's newspaper from a few weeks ago on the forty year anniversary of the "marriage" that would have been between our schools. The writer breaks the article down into the stages of the relationship, comparing them to the stages of getting married, from "Waiting for Wedding Bells" and "Cold Feet" to "Let's Get Physical" and "On the Rebound."

"Vassar was already a longtime destination for Yalies looking for dates and weekends of fun," the article states.

Vassar's own college historian and professor emeritus of English, Elizabeth Daniels '41 is quoted in the article, as she was on a committee that explored the possibility of coeducation.

So what happened? Eventually, "the Vassar trustees unanimously rejected Yale’s proposal, bowing to pressure from alumnae and faculty who wanted to maintain the college’s independence." Other concerns were over having to relocate the campus to New Haven.

Click here to read the full article.
Image of couple during the Yale-Vassar Bike Race of 1952, via Life Photo Archive.

11.6.09 11:29am


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