December 10, 2009

Hunger Strike Expulsion Rumor Is False

Edit 7pm: See the bottom of the post for the most recent update.

According to a source in the know who would prefer to remain anonymous, Uppity's claim that a hunger striker was told she would be expelled is "entirely false." This clarification comes in response to Uppity's Twitter post from a few hours ago:

So far Uppity has not elaborated on their post, responding on Twitter to Mads with, "We are waiting until we have more information."

In addition, administration is officially responding to the hunger strike. In a statement on the Miscellany News website, Dean Roellke urges the participating students to consider their health and says that there will be "no change in policy" regarding the layoffs.

Here is the statement:

"We are concerned that several students are choosing to put their health at risk by participating in a hunger strike and we urge them to reconsider their decision.

Our financial planning over the past year and a half has had as a priority the reduction of as few jobs as possible at the college. During this time of record economic downturn, we have achieved most of the needed reduction in our workforce by means other than layoffs: by not filling vacant positions, by offering retirement packages to eligible employees and by reorganizing departments and the ways we provide services. We have had to reduce a relatively small number of positions and in all of those cases the college has worked with the employees to assist them in finding other work. Of the 13 layoffs announced this fall, three have taken other jobs at the College; two have taken retirement incentive packages; and at least one has accepted a job elsewhere. All those who have lost jobs have had access to career counseling and employment services as well as funds for professional development.

Because of the realities of the financial constraints the college continues to face, there will be no change in policy on the announced layoffs. We all feel sadness at losing colleagues, and we will continue to provide support to assist them in finding other employment."

Update: The Misc has some more information on the "expulsion" rumor from a few hours ago. "My parents called me and they had got the impression somehow that disciplinary action may be coming our way," striker Robyn Smigel '12 is quoted as saying. Meanwhile, Roellke tells the Misc, "D.B. Brown was never given any instruction to speak about disciplinary action."

Update 2: Robyn Smigel '12 left the following comment on
"WE DID NOT START THIS RUMOR. We heard it, just like you did, because of some miscommunication. We soon learned that information was false, and immediately removed our tweet about it."

Uppity also responded to us on Twitter, explaining that the "source of wrong information is one of the hunger striker's parents who misunderstood a call from Dean of Studies."

12.10.09 3:13pm


Sally Mince said...

robyn said...

Hey Mads, WE DID NOT START THIS RUMOR. We heard it, just like you did, because of some miscommunication. We soon learned that information was false, and immediately removed our tweet about it. Please stop using our twitter as a news source -- it was never intended to be one. For more trustworthy information, contact us at, or just come to Main lobby and talk to us.

"Mads Vassar" said...

Thanks for the clarification, Robyn. Sorry about the confusion.

Mat Leonard said...

I'm sorry, if it was a "rumor" why did you post it to twitter as fact? This reeks of deception and backpedaling. Next time you hear a "rumor" try prefacing it with "we have heard a rumor," or something to the like.

Vassar Action said...

Mat, would you question your parents before the administration. I wouldn't.

Realistic Guy said...

I would 100% believe that my parents might say something like that in order to convince me to stop what is obviously a dangerous and foolish endevour.