December 12, 2009

*Breaking* Hunger Strike Is Over

According to an all-campus email sent by Dean Roellke moments ago, Hunger for Justice has ended its hunger strike after three and a half days.

"I am both relieved and pleased to report that the hunger strikers have decided to end their protest," Dean Roellke writes, adding that he and Cappy will be meeting with the strikers tomorrow. "Personally, I have found my own conversations with the students engaged in this protest to be fruitful, despite my serious concerns about their choice to conduct a hunger strike," he also writes.

The strike successfully brought the layoff issues into view, although their main goal was not met. "While the College’s employment policies could not be amended, the strikers highlight the empathy we all feel with those affected by the economic downturn," the Dean writes.

Uppity, the group behind Hunger for Justice, has yet to post on their blog or Twitter about the end of the strike.
12.12.09 5:03pm