December 2, 2009

2010 Announces Class Gift

On the Facebook page for the 99 Nights event, the Class of 2010 has announced that their senior class gift will be an "endowed scholarship fund." This is the first endowed class gift in Vassar's history.

"We're hoping to shatter records for both dollar amount ($15,000) and participation (75%)," a rep for the Senior Class Gift Committee tells Mads.

Here is an excerpt from the official announcement:
"In 2009-10, the College will spend some $44 million on financial aid. Our need-blind policy alone costs an estimated extra $1 million each year in forgone tuition. While other schools with less welcoming policies can rely on this additional tuition revenue, Vassar must instead rely on the generosity of its graduates. As soon-to-be members of this alumni family, we recognize this pressing need, and are determined to be among the most dedicated classes Vassar has ever known. In honor of all that Vassar has given us, it is time to show our appreciation by allowing future students to enjoy the same educational opportunities."

This announcement should prove less controversial than 2010's sophomore class gift of V-Card swipers for vending machines, which drew criticisms back in Spring 2008.

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12.2.09 1:19am