December 10, 2009

Contrast Launch Tonight

Contrast is hosting a launch party tonight for the release of its Fall/Winer '09 issue. We're told that this will be the only chance to get the magazine, as there are a limited number of copies. There will also be food, drinks, and music.

Tonight (Thursday) from 6-7:30 in the Faculty Commons.

12.10.09 3:03pm


Charmaine said...

Does it strike anyone else as odd that Contrast magazine, a frivolous feature of frivolous fashion, gets $10,000 of funding a year to print glossy magazines, while the 100+ year old Crew team is being cut and jobs that workers need to feed their families are being lost? There's a screwed up priority if there ever was any. And yet us alums keep getting emails from Cappy claiming the the restructuring is necessary because of financial imperatives. Maybe you could stop giving out money to bougie kids who just want to show off their designer digs.

Caroline said...

Im not sure where you got you information but it is quite false. Contrast gets about $1,500 a semester which sadly only comes out to about 300 copies at around $5 a pop to print. Its fine if you don't like Contrast, but for those of us who work on it, it is important we get to prit it for others to enjoy. All the money we get goes to printing. And $3,000 a year sure ain't $10,000.

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