December 14, 2009

Hungry For Justice Finally Speaks

In an email to and other campus and local news media, the members of Hungry for Justice have decided to release several individual statements about last week's hunger strike rather than one collective statement. Below are excerpts.

"It is all too easy to dismiss the hunger strike as extreme, unnecessary, or ineffective. But the fact is that student actions have had a direct impact in changing not only the processes but also the outcomes of administrative decision-making." - Sarah Cohen '11

"My greatest disappointment about the hunger strike was the staggering number of students who essentially told us that we were not allowed to question or disagree with those with authority/education/age." - Robyn Smigel '12

"With nothing left of a voice, no decision making, I control the only thing I have left, my own body...Neither we nor the administrations would publicly bend, and yet we both did. The unions were satisfied, and we did our best." - Royce Drake '10

"As a striker, I also experienced from my classmates extreme antagonism...I remember someone taunting us with cheese burgers and another exclaiming that he apparently just had a delicious steak... But I also witnessed first hand how kind others were...We received considerable praise from students and workers who believed in our cause...Overall, the hunger strike...resulted in satisfying our demand of having more workers gainfully employed and set a tone for further actions in the spring semester." - Daniel Bruce Wong '12

"On our third day, we were told that several people who were laid off had finally been given a means of gainful employment...Without tension and criticism, decision-making suffers and discourse narrows." - Gaelin Monkman-Kotz '12

"Perhaps our full goal was not met, but we were able to meet significant benchmarks in regards to the job security of those laid off." - Brian Hioe '13

Check out Uppity's blog for the full statements.
12.14.09 10:47pm


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