December 28, 2009

New Details About The Deer Culling

The Poughkeepsie Journal featured an in-depth article today on the upcoming culling of the deer at the Vassar Farm, which is set to take place after New Years Day. Vassar is paying White Buffalo Inc. $10,000 for the dirty job. They hope to reduce the number of deer from 100 to 15, which are numbers determined by "infared flyovers."

According to the article, some neighbors aren't happy about the culling and feel that they weren't adequately made aware. "We were all so shocked and surprised," one resident is quoted as saying. "The college should have done more to reach out to neighbors earlier in the process."

The "venison" will be donated to local food pantries through a program called Hunters Helping the Hungry.

Image of deer at Vassar via Poughkeepsie Journal.
12.28.09 6:13pm


Bernie said...

Why is it "venison"? Isn't it just venison, sans quotes? Or is this some kind of fake deer meat that's being used as some sort trick? If so, I think it's really terrible that Vassar would do such a thing to the food pantries.

Margaret said...

I was going to say the same thing.

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