December 16, 2009

Post Stirs Up Gender Controversy

An article in Monday's Washington Post has been mentioned on countless blogs and is pulling Vassar into a bit of controversy. According to the Post, schools in the Washington D.C. area will soon be under review by investigators and civil rights groups who claim that admissions offices discriminate against women.

The investigation is focused on D.C. schools, but data from Vassar, William and Mary, Swarthmore, and Wesleyan is being taken into consideration. In 2008, Vassar admitted 34% of male applicants and only 21& of female applicants.

Currently, the proportion of women to men on college campuses is 60 to 40, a ratio we are familiar with at Vassar.
12.16.09 12:22pm


Mina said...

but we receive far more applications from women than men, so of course the percentage of acceptance will be different.

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