December 21, 2009

Sent In By You...Students Have Issues

In the last few days of the semester, we received lots of emails from readers about college-related issues.

One sophomore from Raymond emailed us about an open-air evangelist preacher who sermonzied on the Yale campus about the "evils of sin." According to the Yale Daily News, the students watched, heckled, and photographed the preacher.

Among the groups Morrell labeled as sinners were "Obama voters," "Gangster rappers" and "immodest women."

As for a Vassar concern, a freshman from Joss emailed to tell us about a conversation she had with an ambulance driver. The driver said that there were thirteen calls from Vassar on Halloween. "He told me that every time they get called now, they are going to send a police officer knocking on Cappy's door," the student writes, "which means if this keeps happening, Cappy is going to crack down on alcohol control on campus, which no one wants." The student hopes Vassar students can start drinking safely and responsibly before administration steps in. (Mads hasn't confirmed that police knock on Cappy's door.)

Finally, a senior from the THs came across this article about co-ed dorms (not gender neutral, but co-ed altogether), which claims that this kind of housing increases binge drinking, sex, and pornography use. The student took to her blog to counter the article. "It seems to be implying that us lady-students are so easily influenced by the men in our dorms that we will sleep with them and binge drink," she writes. "Like we don’t have any agency in our decision making processes and that the only way to protect us is for all the women to live in a cloistered nunnery."

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12.21.09 1:49am


Carson said...

A higher rate, even a MUCH higher rate, of porn, binge drinking and sexual partners in co-ed dorms does not mean that co-ed dorms fuel any of those behaviors. When those "unhealthy" students are distributed/scattered/spread out among single-sex dorms, each single-sex dorm will have a lower rate of those "unhealthy behaviors."

And that article was written by the LiveScience staff?!

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