December 14, 2009

Spotted: Loeb Works In Library Basement

The Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center may be closing for renovations in May, but we can now enjoy reproductions of Loeb works in the basement of the Main Library. If you've spent as much time there these last few days as Mads has, you'll agree that it really makes the space much more tolerable.

"The idea of installing art into the library basement has been talked about for several years," Brian Farkas '10, one of the students behind the project and VSA Vice President for Operations, tells via email. "While the first and second stories of the library are stunningly beautiful, many students have complained that the basement can be a bit depressing. The white walls are mostly unadorned, giving the space a very sterile feeling," he adds.

Brian worked with curators from the Loeb, the library staff, and Joseph Redwood-Martinez '11 of the Vassar Public Art Committee to select twenty-five works. The VSA Council generously provided the funding from their Discretionary fund and the students involved cut and framed the images.

So far, ten works have been installed, and fifteen more should be installed by the end of the week. Some works on display include Francis Bacon's "Study for a Portrait," Frederic Church's "Autumn in North America," Georgia O'Keefe's "Spring," and Pablo Picasso's "Head of a Woman."

"My hope is that this project is an inexpensive way to really improve a space that so many students use," Brian says. "Vassar was the first college in the nation to be founded with an art museum as part of its original plan, and these reproductions are a way to highlight our world-renowned collection."
12.14.09 8:54pm


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