December 1, 2009

Still Fighting Those Cutbacks

Response to administration's answers to the financial crisis is picking up again this week with students and faculty speaking out against the decisions to cut courses, faculty positions, and the varsity rowing teams.

Christopher Scott '06, a former men's rowing varsity co-captain, is the latest alumnus to contact administration about the decision to cut the varsity teams. "Not only would the proposed merger of Vassar's rowing team with the Hudson River Rowing Association (HRRA) be detrimental to the college itself, but...this proposal is unnecessary and founded upon misinformation," Christopher writes. The former co-captain also points out that the women's rowing team is less expensive than golf, tennis, volleyball, basketball, and swimming and diving, and the men's team costs less than tennis and volleyball.

As for the faculty reductions and course reductions, a new petition is currently being circulated. Email with your name and class year to add your name to the petition.

The VSA endorsed the latest petition, stating in an email to students that "the document demonstrated a clear concern for the long-term health of Vassar’s multidisciplinary curriculum, our flexible course offerings, and our retention of excellent scholars and teachers... We believe these are core properties of a Vassar education that our constituents value deeply."

Update 12/2: There will be a vigil in support of campus workers and the employees who have lost their jobs today (Wednesday) at 4pm on Raymond Avenue across from the library.

12.1.09 6:50pm