December 10, 2009

Hunger Strike Will Continue Despite Admin's Response

Mads spoke via email with Sarah Cohen '11, a member of Uppity's Hunger of Justice group, although not one of the members striking, about the hunger strike and the group's reaction to Dean Roellke's statement.

The hunger strike has passed its forty-second hour and is still going strong, according to Sarah, who reminds us of the group's main issue: "The decision to fire workers represents a certain set of priorities, based on a corporate model, which we refuse to accept.

Despite Dean Roellke's statement in which he expressed concern for the health of the strikers and said the college will not cancel the layoffs, Sarah says the group has "no plans of discontinuing the hunger strike."

"I think that the administration has definitely taken notice of our hunger strike, but this is not enough - we want them to take action," Sarah tells Mads.

According to Sarah, many members of the Vassar community have been supportive. "Staff, faculty, and students have brought us water, gatorade, and pillows," she says, adding, "We really appreciate the support, find it encouraging, and remain optimistic."

Hunger for Justice welcomes anyone who wants to join them. "We extend an open invitation for friends and supporters to come sit with us for a while, spend the night (slumber party!), or participate in a solidarity fast for 24 or 48 hours," says Sarah.

12.10.09 7:00pm