December 12, 2009

Vassar Professor In Today's NY Times

Vassar professor Sidney Plotkin is featured in today's New York Times in an article about teaching the recession in college courses. "The financial crisis... is being embraced as a valuable teaching tool. Academics say they cannot recall a time when so much of the curriculum has had to be revised so quickly to reflect the sweeping developments in the economy," the article states.

An excerpt:
"Sidney Plotkin, a professor of political science at Vassar College, has taught 'Power and Public Policy' in one iteration or another for more than 30 years. But last month he began a new section of the course by exploring the housing bubble and Bernard L. Madoff, consumer borrowing and federal bailouts — and shining a Marxist light on the whole morass.

'Marx is the uninvited guest in the discussion,' Dr. Plotkin told the group of undergraduates assembled in Rockefeller Hall. 'By looking at the financial crisis through the lens of a Marxist analysis, we begin to see how the American debate about power is shaped by Marxism.'"

Dana Bell '11 is also mentioned and quoted: “'It makes it easier to talk with authority on the issues,' said Dana Bell, a junior at Vassar, referring to Professor Plotkin’s course on power and public policy. 'You’ve got to stay awake in this class, or you’ll be caught off guard.'"

Associate professor Robert P. Rebelein is also quoted.

12.12.09 12:39pm