December 30, 2010

The Biggest Stories Of 2010

Last week we presented the posts that you "liked" the most this past semester. Now, we've put together our annual list of the year's biggest stories to affect the Vassar community.

10. Administration faces a Twitter hoax.
We broke the biggest story of the summer when Twitter accounts for Cappy, Dean Roellke, Don Marsala, and others began appearing with questionable posts. We got in touch with Roellke, who confirmed that it was a hoax, and College Relations, who said they would put a stop to it. Days later, Twitter suspended the accounts.

9. THs are burglarized. 
There were no armed robberies this year, but several Town Houses were burglarized throughout the semester. The thieves came through open first floor windows or doors and in some cases, the residents were even home at the time. Laptops, iPods, video game consoles, and marijuana - you read that correctly - were among the items taken. The thieves weren't very professional; one updated the Facebook status on the stolen laptop.

8. Vassar grads run (unsuccessfully) in New York State elections.
This fall, two alumni showed that it is possible to do more than a Vassar degree than start some nonprofit in Brooklyn. Rick Lazio '80 ran for the Republican nomination for governor of New York, but lost to the crass Carl Paladino. Eric Dinallo '85 ran for state Attorney General, but was also unsuccessful.

7. Locals continue to protest Vassar's deer cull.
Vassar's deer cull ended last winter, but local residents have continued to protest. In June, College Relations told us there were no plans for an additional cull, but months later a new billboard stating "Science over Slaughter" went up on Hooker Avenue. Even Gothamist and the NY Daily News picked up the story. Last week, The Poughkeepsie Journal confirmed that Vassar would be taking no additional action against the deer.

6. Campus falls in love with the Deece Cat.
In a year of burglars, hoaxes, dead deer, and lost elections, campus found relief in a cat that took residence outside of ACDC. In a few weeks, the "Deece Cat" went from an object of passing intrigue to a campus celebrity, complete with a Facebook account and 800 "friends." In November, the Director of ACDC decided to adopt it.

5. Butterbeer Brooers participate in the biggest Quidditch World Cup yet.
This was Vassar's fourth year competing in the annual Quidditch World Cup, but this year the event moved to New York City and received more coverage than ever before. One student's picture was even featured on SNL's "Weekend Update." Further, a Feminist organization used the event to promote equality.

4. Vassar community loses two important members.
In 2010, two members of the Vassar community passed away - Virginia B. Smith, former president of Vassar, and Betty Francis, the long-time security guard who grew popular with students while guarding the entrance to the Mug. Smith's obituary was featured in The New York Times, The Seattle Times,  and the school held a memorial service in November. Francis' death, which occurred earlier this week, has already brought about much reaction from students and employees.

3. Lisa Kudrow gives Commencement speech.
Perpetuating the belief that our school really only has two famous alumni, Vassar invited Lisa Kudrow '85 to give this year's Commencement speech to the Class of 2010. Meanwhile, Meryl gave the speech at Barnard.

2. Campus drinking increases (thanks to Four Loko).
The campus was particularly wet in 2010, so wet in fact that Dean Roellke had to send out an email to ask students to behave more responsibly. Hospitalizations continued to increase. This semester also saw the rise and fall of Four Loko, the alcoholic energy drink that was eventually banned in several states before its makers decided to change the recipe, a move Roellke approved of.

1. Vassar plans for Sesquicentennial.

This year's biggest story is a look at things to come. The imminent Sesquicentennial (beginning in January 2011) has been the talk of the town, with events planned for cities and countries around the world. A few weeks ago, the college unveiled the official 150 Years site, which features photographs, memories, and more from the Vassar community.

Mads had a big year too and we continue to be thankful for your support. This fall we introduced new elements to the blog, including podcasts and live concerts and events. ECollege Finder named us a Top 50 Freshmen Advisor and any day now we will be reaching 800,000 site visits.

Just for fun: Biggest Stories of '08Biggest Stories of '09

Betty's Obituary In Today's "Poughkeepsie Journal"

[Po Jo]
As expected, the obituary for popular Vassar security guard Betty Francis appears in today's Poughkeepsie Journal.

According to the obituary, Betty passed away on Monday at St. Francis Hospital at the age of 81. Click here to read more.

December 29, 2010

Don Marsala Reacts To Betty's Death

Director of Safety and Security Don Marsala has reacted publicly to the news of Betty Francis' death, posting the following message on a former student's Facebook wall:

"I'll send an e-mail when I get more information about Betty. She had been ill for some time. We visited her in the rehab place a few weeks ago and even though she was quite sick she still has the old Betty spirit!"

Update: We just spoke with Marsala. "We'll miss Betty's spirit and zest for life," he says. "She loved working with the students and was a true ambassador for Safety and Security and for the college itself."

He tells us that there will be a graveside service at the Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery on Friday. Marsala suggests people meet at the Darrow Funeral Home on South Hamilton Street at 10:30am that day to then proceed to the cemetery.

Students and Friends React To Betty's Death

After a Vassar employee posted the news last night of Betty Francis' death, students began reacting immediately on Facebook and Twitter. We were able to confirm the news at midnight. Here is what students - current and alumni - are writing.

"Nobody ever cared more about the student body. I will never forget you. Love always."

[Facebook/Becca Mountain]
"Quote from Betty: 'I’m a strong person, and I know that. All I have to do is look them in the eye, and I mean what I say.' RIP."

"I've never met anyone at Vassar more committed to realistic models of justice and fairness."

"So sad to hear the Vassar community has lost our good friend, Betty. You will be missed." 

"A true Vassar gem...the Mug will never be the same."

Update: Anna Belle Jones, who works at the ROC and first posted the news of Betty's death, tells Mads: "I've known Betty since her days as a security guard in Strong House. Security guards worked in each of the residential houses...Betty kept watch over those girls as if they were her daughters...Betty and I often talked about our children and her grandson, knitting, fashions, her dancing career, and mostly, why we both love working at Vassar. We both agreed that it was the myriad of students we'd met and how we couldn't wait for reunion each year to see the hundreds of alums we'd shared special moments with."

Director of Marketing and Sustainability for Campus Dining, Ken Oldehoff, who worked with Betty as Mug manager, tells Mads: "When I saw Betty I was always truly amazed and envious at how well she could enjoy the company of others; she always seemed really happy to be around people.That was a blessing. She knew what was important."

BREAKING: Betty Francis Has Died

[Miscellany News]
Former Vassar security guard Betty Francis passed away on Tuesday, according to multiple employees who knew her and a rep for campus security. Betty, who at the time of her death was not employed at Vassar, had undergone surgery and was under the care of the Lutheran Center, a nursing home in Poughkeepsie.

Betty was an icon at Vassar and grew popular with students for her friendly attitude while guarding the entrance to the Mug. "I'm very famous...Doesn't matter who you ask," she once said. She is originally from New Bedford, Massachusetts and grew up on a Wampanoag reservation in Cape Cod. She was one of eight children.

After college, Betty began working at Vassar in 1987. She retired as a full-time security officer in 1994, but in 1999, at the request of Don Marsala, agreed to work part-time and at the Mug. Betty also served as a judge for at least four Mr. Vassar competitions and ran a crocheting mini-course in 2006, among other responsibilities. Outside of Vassar, she exercised her green thumb, hired by the town to water plants on Main Street in New Paltz. She also was a professional dancer, worked as an executive secretary for IBM, and once ran a home for recovering alcoholics.

Vassar recently pulled its security guards off of Mug duty when Aramark took control of the space.

An animated depiction of Betty was even featured in the Health Ed office's video on responsible drinking.

Students and employees were aware of her declining health and had placed a card in the College Center to be signed.

Most of all, Betty will be remembered for her warm and lively demeanor. "My husband used to say he'd never seen anyone who could get out of bed in the morning and just be happy, but that's the way I am," she told a newspaper in 2004. "I love it when I go to bed and I love it when I get up and I love everything in between." Betty's legacy includes two children, four grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Don Marsala is expected to send out an email on Wednesday and her obituary should appear in Thursday's Poughkeepsie Journal.

December 23, 2010

Senior Releases Album On Local Label

In today's "Students Who Are Having More Productive Breaks Than We Are" section, Frances Chang '11 has released an album on New Paltz-based label Responsible Records.

Frances, who frequently performs on campus, released the album, Coffee is Dead, under the name Neato Fleets. A free download is available here or you can buy an actual cassette tape from Rhino Records.

Responsible Records describes the album as "sort of shoegaze pop, with killer fuzzy guitar accompanied by vocals that range from ethereal to wailing."

For other news on students releasing music, check out our post on Crash Collect from before the break.

December 22, 2010

Huffington Post Bio On Eli Spindel '06

Check on this clip on Eli Spindel '06 who started the String Orchestra of Brooklyn.

December 20, 2010

What You "Liked" In 2010

We went through all of our posts from this past semester and came up with the 15 stories that readers "liked" the most. Surprisingly, what you liked wasn't our in-depth coverage of important Vassar news, but rather the random Vassar-related pictures and stories.

1. During finals week, you have to make V-Print fun somehow. (37 "likes")
 Our most popular post of the semester came from an image that a freshman posted on Facebook.

2. Deece Cat finds a home. (36)
The stray cat outside of ACDC captivated the campus this semester, taking 3 of the top 9 most popular posts. Director of Dining Diane Dalton adopted the cat after it had been living outside of the dining center for several weeks.

3. Everything administration hates in one cartoon. (19)
With its one year anniversary, collaboration with the Misc, and increased viewership, student blog One Two Six Oh Four grew in popularity this semester. This cartoon took on everything that Vassar administration has struggled with in the past four years, including Four Loko, bed bugs, and deer.

4. Why Vassar was on the Daily Show. (16) 
Readers liked when we posted about how Jon Stewart mentioned Vassar on the Daily Show, and they liked even more when we found out that he did so because an alumnus asked him to.

5. Introducing The Deece Cat. (16) 

6.  New videos from the Limit. (15)

7. Hugathon provides 1,427 hugs. (15)

8.  Professor Talon on PBS. (15)

9. Deece Cat is on Facebook. (14)
With over 800 friends on Facebook, the Deece Cat is probably more popular than you are. "We wanted to claim him for the 2014s," one of the page's creators told us.

10. Exclusive first look at new Contrast cover. (12)

11. Spotted: Hoarders in the THs. (12)

12. Roellke says stop drinking so much. (12)
With the rise and fall of Four Loko, as well as a freshman class who (scarily) gave the seniors a run for their money, Dean Roellke and others felt the need to address the increase in drinking, EMS calls, and hospitalizations this semester. Roellke and the Committee for Campus Life will be introducing a late-night alcohol-free student space next semester.

13. Marsala's hunting email is scary this year. (11)

14. Streep and Kudrow together in webseries. (11)
Two of Vassar's most popular and ubiquitous alumnae/trustees teamed up for a few episodes of Lisa Kudrow '85's Web Therapy series. Meryl Streep '71, who will be hosting a Sesquicentennial event at Lincoln Center in February, played the role of a counselor in the webseries.

15. Unigo named Vassar a top 10 school for "getting lucky." (10)

December 19, 2010

The Deer Are Still Safe

Today's Poughkeepsie Journal says that Vassar will not be conducting another deer cull. UM, DUH, WE TOLD YOU THAT IN JUNE.

The first deer cull at the Vassar Farm took place exactly one year ago.

Alumna and Other Vassar Acts In SPIN's "Best Of"

Spin magazine came out with its "Best of 2010" issue and we were pleased to find that many of the acts had performed at Vassar, including Vassar alumna band Beach House.

Beach House, fronted by Victoria Legrand '03, came in at #17. Writes Spin: "On the year's most Kubla Khan-like dose of dream pop, the group's previously hazing songwriting components cohere to great effect." The band came to Vassar last fall to open for Grizzly Bear.

Yeasayer, who of course played Vassar's most recent big show, are listed at #12.

Vampire Weekend (#11), M.I.A. (#8), and Deerhunter (#2), all of which played Vassar in recent years, are also listed.

Kanye is at #1, so let's work on getting him.


Last night we posted with information about the 2011 Class Gift after receiving an email asking us to do so. (That post has since been removed.) We just want to clarify, in case you read that post, that the information was inaccurate. The gift will be announced next semester. We apologize for the confusion.

December 18, 2010

Did You Know...

NY Mag
Did you know that Judith Regan '75, the alumna responsible for Howard Stern's Private Parts and OJ Simpson's memoir is currently looking for love on Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker?

(This answers the question of what to do with that Vassar Art History diploma.)

School's Out For Winter!

Have a great break, readers! Continue to check the blog during break for updates, including our annual "Biggest Stories of the Year" post, Sesquicentennial stuff, and more!

Remember, you can "like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

December 16, 2010

Vassar Duo Has New Music and New Name

Vassar duo Elle Lefant has returned to the music scene with new music and a new name. The musicians - Nijae J. Draine '11 and Max Hershenow '10 - are now Crash Collect and have a digital album available online.

The band writes on their blog: "We’re not going to lie. We had a rough start. We cruised. We collided. We crashed. We collected. We came back...But we’re here now and we’re here to stay.  Same heart. New vision."

As for their genre...well, it's complicated. "We want to break the restrictions of genre and constricting notion that one must stay within single sound or art form," the group writes. "We are both deeply inspired by many kinds of music and would like to be able to explore any sound we feel stimulated by at the moment."

Check out their first single, "Move," and more here.

During Finals You Have To Make V-Print Fun Somehow

December 14, 2010

What We're Reading: Celebs Really, Really Hate Vassar Dorms

The Wall Street Journal featured an article on New York Stage and Film's Powerhouse Program that takes place at Vassar every summer, but the only thing the participants talked about was how bad our dorms are. Here are some selections from different actors, writers, and directors:

"Before there were cellphones, there was one pay phone. You'd want to call your kids to tell them good night and some other major, famous actor would be already using it, and you'd be like, 'Get off the phone already.'"

"You share a bathroom too. That's something nobody likes. Somebody's always doing something in there. It's like camp. The toilet paper is always gross and wet."

"I'm not staying in one those dorms again. Please don't put me in there."

"We try to avoid the dorms at all costs...Having a little caddy to go to the bathroom is not for me."

"I used to have the bad dorms. There was no air-conditioning, and the communal showers are terrifying. It was a bad mosquito season. I remember that because I opened the windows to get some air." 

Ok! We get it! Jeez.

Oh, and apparently the big celebrity bar is the Beech Tree on Collegeview.

December 13, 2010

In Case You Were Wondering...

In case you were wondering or didn't feel like leaving the library or senior housing, yes, Primal Scream happened last night. And it was just as naked as ever.

December 12, 2010

Spotted: Students Interrupt Library Silence

Moments ago fours students sitting at the long table to the right of the main lobby broke into a spontaneous mini performance, during which they banged on the table in a coordinated routine. The performance - if one can call it that - lasted about three minutes before they stopped and immediately returned to their work. About forty students, or everyone in the area, gathered to watch. We're not sure what group, if any, is responsible for this (HYPE?) but someone was filming from the balcony.

Usually the Axies a cappella group performs a few songs in the library the night before finals. Apparently there were carolers in the library last night too.

Update: The spontaneous performance was by the choir group Mahagonny, a reader commented. 

BREAKING: Fire Alarm Shuts Down Midnight Breakfast

We just received a tip that a fire alarm in ACDC forced Midnight Breakfast to shut down early. We haven't received confirmation on this yet and don't know if the event will continue after the alarm is turned off.

Midnight Breakfast Returns Tonight

Tonight is the biggest event of study week (and pretty much the only event of the weekend), Midnight Breakfast. Head to the DC starting at 10pm for free french toast, sausage, eggs, and home fries served by VSA council and administrators.

December 11, 2010

Spotted: What Happened To The College Center Santa?

What happened to the College Center Circle Santa?

According to one student, "The face was ripped out and the clothing was ripped I think. It was laying like that when I walked past. No clue what exactly they did to it to make it like that."

December 10, 2010

Hugathon Provides 1,427 Hugs, Raises Money

As final paper and exams approach, it looks like everyone is in need of a hug. This week's Jhmaste Hugathon provided 1,427 over 30 consecutive hours, its organizers tell Mads. More importantly, the group raised $338.43 for a children's school in India.

R.I.P. Four Loko (2005-2010)

Today marks the beginning of the Great Four Loko Prohibition. To commemorate the drink's removal from store shelves, here is a look back at all of our posts on the important issue...

First Snow Of The Season

The first snow of the season of course happens when people need to stay in and study...

MICA's "Chronicle" Sells Out Within Hours

Wondering how MICA's Chronicle did when it debuted on Tuesday? All five hundred copies were gone within a few hours over the course of two days.

A rep for the org reveals exclusively to Mads that the second issue is already in the works and will be available February 1, 2011.

December 9, 2010

The Mads Vassar Guide To Finals Week Studying

You've made it through another semester of classes. Congratulations. Now the fun begins. To help you through the next week and a half of finals, we bring you the Official Mads Vassar Guide To Studying.

1. Eat. One of the best things to get you through studying or writing papers is food. Bring it with you so you don't have to leave your work, and try working while eating. Chips and salsa can go a long way on a late night.

2. Have a friend change your Facebook password. The social network's hits must increase dramatically in mid-December as college students everywhere begin checking the site even more religiously than usual. It doesn't help that they just unveiled a new layout that has us all spending more time just trying to navigate it. Try avoiding the website all together, or have a friend (one you can trust) change your password until finals are over.

(Update: A reader just told us about an app for Mac called SelfControl, which allows you to block websites for certain periods of time. We haven't tried this ourselves, but check it out here.)

3. Avoid the 24-hour room. This will be the first time the library has had its new late night study space during finals, and chances are it will be a mad house. Remember, the entire library will be staying open until 3am, so you may be able to avoid the late night space all together. But, if you want to get out of the library...

4. ...Find an empty classroom somewhere around campus. You're unlikely to be bothered there and you won't have to deal with the chaos that is the library during finals. Most buildings are accessible by swiping your V-card.

5. Take advantage of study breaks. While you might not have time to go to a play or an a cappella concert, lots of orgs will be having events over the next week and a half to help get you through finals. Take advantage of these, especially the free food ones like Midnight Breakfast.

Good luck!

Order Your 2011 Yearbook Tomorrow

Vassarion, Vassar's yearbook, had pre-order sales for seniors today and will continue tomorrow (Friday) from 10am to 3pm in the College Center. This year's issue will be a special Sesquicentennial Edition (printed only once in 150 years).

This special issue is also limited. "Due to budgetary restrictions," a rep for Vassarion tells us, "we're able to print only a limited amount of we're gonna sell them on a first-come, first-serve basis."

Here is some information on pre-ordering options:
Payments can be made by cash, check, or Vcard. Prices are as follows:

Vassarion 2011 ---> $80
Vassarion 2011 + (2010 OR 2009 OR 2008) ---> $84
Vassarion 2011 + 2010 + 2009 + 2008 ---> ONLY $89!!!

The first 50 seniors who show up will get 2010 + 2009 + 2008 issues for free!

If seniors can't make it to the College Center at those times, they can contact vassarion2011 [at] to make arrangements.

Jhamtse Hugathon Today and Tomorrow

Here is a message from the head of the Jhmaste Club, which formed last fall to raise money for a school in the Himalayas.

"We're having a Hugathon this Thursday and Friday, with the dual goals of raising $1,000 for the school, and also of giving out 1,000 hugs to people on campus. The idea is that while a big part of our mission is to help the kids there - who really come from backgrounds where daily survival is not guaranteed, and in which context our financial contribution makes a radical difference - I've found that there also is a real wealth there, of this spirit of community, and generosity, and love and compassion (what "jhamtse" means in Tibetan). And so we also want to try to spread some extra of that sentiment on campus and brighten everybody's study-crazy-stressful week time."

December 8, 2010

CHOICE Presents Oh Megan!

Here is a message from CHOICE about an event they are having tonight at 7pm in UpC:

Oh Ohh OHHH! Female Sexual Pleasure, Desire and Orgasms!
There is so much going on with a woman’s sexual functioning, it’s no wonder this is Oh Megan’s most popular workshop on college campuses! From finding where the erogenous zones are, to learning what medications can interfere with a woman’s sexual functioning, you’ll learn quite a lot in this short period of time.
How many types of orgasms are there, and what’s the difference? Where exactly is the A-spot? The G-spot?
Videos, vulva puppets and graphic discussion will be used to help you understand the ins and outs of female sexual functioning, pleasure, and desire.

The Vastards Come Of Age Tonight

Celebrate the end of classes tonight with nostalgic a cappella pop music from the Vastards. And what's more nostalgic than having your most public moment happen during your most awkward stage? The concert will be Bar Mitzvah themed so you can expect white socks, the Y.M.C.A. and much more.

Tonight (Wed) 8pm in Taylor 102.

December 7, 2010

Inside MICA's "Chronicle"

The most anticipated new publication of the semester, MICA's Vassar Chronicle, came out today. Among other features, the org has "The Last Page," which brings back the satirical "Backpage" that was controversially removed from The Miscellany News last year.

The publication is sixteen pages and has no sponsors.

Check back soon for a further look inside the new publication...

Editor Of "Chronicle" Already Issues Statement

[Keller, via Facebook]
Two hours after we brought you an exclusive first look and information for MICA's publication The Vassar Chronicle, editor Steve Keller '11 has taken to Facebook to address the controversy already surrounding it.

"The philosophy of this paper is the widening of political discourse," Keller writes. "Our campus has quite obviously suffered from a lack of political diversity...I do not think the problem of Vassar’s tendency towards politically homogeneous discourse can be fixed unless there is a publication whose sole purpose is the solicitation of alternative, sidelined views."

He continues: "The views published will hopefully not define us as 'conservative,' 'centrist,' or 'contrarian.'"

For the record, Keller describes himself as "a Democrat who has liberal, conservative, and moderate tendencies."

The publication will be available today, tomorrow, and Thursday in the College Center.

Finally, Vassar Mentioned On "Gossip Girl"

With all of the prestigious schools featured on Gossip Girl, we've been waiting patiently for a Vassar reference. Well, the moment has finally come! Don't worry no spoilers: at 20:39 of last night's episode, the "Mary McCarthy collection at Vassar's library" is mentioned. It appears that the show's creators did their research: McCarthy graduated Vassar in 1933 and Special Collections does in fact have a collection on her.

Exclusive: First Look At MICA's "Chronicle"

Mads has your exclusive first look at the cover for MICA's revived publication, The Vassar Chronicle, which debuts today (Tuesday). Here is the org's official statement about the publication, which has already stirred up some controversy on campus:

"MICA's Chronicle to be released today. Tabling Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

The limited December issue of The Vassar Chronicle is available today fresh off the presses, featuring editorials challenging the value of classroom discussion, political labeling, and counter-insurgency in Afghanistan, among sixteen pages of moderate, Independent, and conservative content.

MICA will be tabling in the Retreat from 12-3:30pm and in ACDC during dinner hours today, Wednesday, and Thursday to deliver The Chronicle to Vassarions."

Update: The Chronicle's editor, Steve Keller '11, has taken to Facebook to address the controversy surrounding the publication.

December 6, 2010

"Contrast" Archive Now Online

Miss any issues of Contrast or want to revisit them? Just as their new issue is debuting, Vassar's style magazine has made the archive of all of their back issues available online.

"Contrast is also proud to announce our new online archive:," a rep for Contrast tells Mads. "Hosted on, students can view and download every past issue. We are also going to post the new issue once it's released - that way, if we run out of hard copies, everyone can still read and enjoy Contrast."

Spotted: Weird Santa In College Center Circle

Spotted: An odd, white-robed Santa figure in the College Center Circle. Anyone know where it came from?

Thanks to a reader for sending this in.

Vassar Assault Suspect Is Behind Bars

According to Don Marsala at tonight's VSA Council meeting, the suspect in the sexual assault incident that took place before Thanksgiving break is currently in jail, although not for the Vassar incident. It turns out that the suspect is in jail for another arrest and actually has to be released before he can be arrested for the incident at Vassar.

December 3, 2010

Exclusive: Your First Look At New "Contrast" Cover

Contrast, Vassar's art and style magazine, will be having the release party for its latest issue on Tuesday, December 7th from 7-9pm in the Faculty Commons. The event will feature live performances from student singer-songwriters Thea Ballard, Raffi Kiureghian, Rachel Vogel, and Mara Connor.

To the right is an exclusive first look at the cover of the new issue.

One Two Six Oh Four Turns A Year Old

Congratulations to One Two Six Oh Four on its one year anniversary of presenting cartoons about campus life. "It has been an amazing and eventful year, and the blog has turned from a cathartic expression of my annoyed observations about college into something different," writes the blogger.

Alumna Writing Book On '50s Vassar Girl

London-based writer and fashion historian Rebecca C. Tuite, who has written posts for Ivy Style about Vassar in the bygone days (1 and 2), is working on a full-length book about Vassar women's style in the 1950s. Tuite is a Vassar alumna and according to her website, Vassar Style: Fashion, Feminism and 1950s American Media will be released in early 2011.

Tuite's project will coincide perfectly with the upcoming Sesquicentennial celebration. "Congratulations to Vassar and everyone involved in the Vassar Sesquicentennial activities - it is thrilling and fascinating to see all this archival material come through for all to share!" she writes on her website.

We also highly recommend her blog for more photos and insight on the history of Vassar fashion.

(By the way, we drafted this post before noticing that she linked to our Sesquicentennial pictures post.)

Vassar Involved In 15K Law Suit Settlement

Vassar's good name has come up in a law suit between the Arlington Fire Department and a lieutenant that was just settled for $15,000. According to The Poughkeepsie Journal, a lieutenant sued the chairman of the Board of Fire Commissioners for "unethical conduct regarding alleged safety problems at Vassar College."

According to the 2007 complaint, these problems include "emergency vehicle access problems at Vassar due to poor signage and lax parking enforcement" and problems with water flow.

Don't worry; Vassar has denied any code violations and an investigation found the school is in compliance.

This Weekend On Campus: Keeping It Classy Edition

It's the last weekend before finals and time to celebrate the semester with slightly more classy events than usual. This weekend's schedule has lots of plays, holiday celebrations, and the annual Moulin Rouge party. Email madsvassar [at] for publicity.

Hanukkah candle lighting and Shabbat, 5:30pm Bayit
Taming of the Shrew, 8pm Davison MPR
No Offense Show, 9pm Sanders

Taming of the Shrew, 2pm Davison MPR
Hanukkah candle lighting and Israeli dancing, 7:30pm Lathrop MPR
Taming of the Shrew, 8pm Davison MPR
Angels In America, 8pm Powerhouse
Fly People Work in Progress Show, 8pm Kenyon
99 Nights In, 8pm Alumnae/i House (seniors only)
Moulin Rouge, 11pm Villard Room

Lessons and Carols, 7pm Chapel
 Hanukkah candle lighting and Rugrats movie, 7:30pm Jewett MPR

December 1, 2010

Campus Of The Future: More Images

In case you missed the "unveiling" of the campus re-design in a meeting before Thanksgiving break, Mads came across some pictures of what the designers have planned. Some of the majors changes, shown below, include adding more plant life to the path around Sunset Lake and reducing the number of paths cutting through the residential quad. (Sorry for the poor picture quality.)


Weather Advisories For Dutchess County

The Poughkeepsie Journal is reporting that a wind advisory and flood watch are in effect for Dutchess County. It turns out that today's weather left almost 4,000 residents without power.

But fear not; sunshine is expected for tomorrow.

Our Favorite Sesquicentennial Pics: Part I

We went through the hundreds of pictures on the new Sesquicentennial website so that you don't have to (although we highly recommend it). The site designers did a great job of finding pictures that portray Vassar's diverse and long history. There are images of Vassar presidents with U.S. presidents, campus buildings that no longer exist, nineteenth century women studying in their dorm rooms, and much more. They're sure to make you proud to be Vassarion.

Here are our favorites (part 1)...

Students heading home in 1940s
Pres. MacCracken and FDR in 1931
Students on the Vassar Farm during WWI
Vassar Class of 1867 at 1913 reunion
Students in dorm room in late 1800s
The library used to be attached to the front of Main Building
Students protest apartheid in Africa
Rugby, late '70s
Dance in the early '70s
Student interviewed by reporter during 1969 takeover of Main
Meryl performing in 1971