June 7, 2010

Alumni Proposal Goes Viral

Alex Camelliri '10 isn't the only Vassar filmmaker to have a successful video lately. Since it was added to YouTube a week ago, the clip for Woodrow Travers '09's proposal to Claudine Sourour '08 has gotten over one million views. The clip features Sourour sitting in a chair while Travers lip-syncs to Metro Station's "Shake It" as a dozen or so guys dance, hold signs, and do circus tricks in choreographed precision. She says yes (of course), the crowd applauds, and Passion Pit's "Little Secrets" starts playing.

See it from another angle here.

YouTube commenters write: "
i teared up a bit there" and "why all men aren't like this one? so unfair." Unfortunately, there is at least one hater. Blogger Ned Hepburn for urlesque.com posted "Ten Signs the Adorable Wedding Proposal Dance Is a Fake Viral Video." He even mentions Vassar, sort of: "Their names are Woodrow and Claudine. I'm sorry. Where did they meet, at Whitey McWhiterson's School of Silly Upper-Middle-Class Names? Give me a break."

Another Vassar filmmaking alumnus did a public proposal two weeks ago. Mark Rosenberg '97, the founder of the popular festival Rooftop Films, proposed to his girlfriend in front of an audience of hundreds.

Update: Even The Guardian picked up on the clip, calling it
"the Glee of wedding proposals."
6.7.10 5:41pm


Luis Gabriel said...

Woodrow is a super star. So HAPPY for the both of them! One more reason why the Class of 09 ROCKS!

Meg said...

That videographer-friend running up to Woodrow and Claudine is Brian Paccione VC '09, btw. Added factoid - Claudine, Woodrow and Brian were all in Joss together while we were House Fellows. Just thought that needed to get out there!

I loved the vid.

Anonymous said...


We actually found this video and it's in our database! It's a really great proposal video, and it puts people in a truly positive state of mind - which is what we're all about.

If you liked this wedding proposal, you'll probably like this: http://www.pepfly.com/a/6560 - Jessica's daily affirmation. It's those little things in life that really add up!

Hope you like this one too...


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