June 21, 2010

Roellke On Twitter Too, Or Something Fishy?

Is it possible that Dean Roellke has also joined Twitter, or are some students up to no good? An account called "roelkevassar" tweeted the following post an hour ago:

As we previously posted, an account called "cappyvassar" posted its first tweet on on Sunday. We're not positive though that Vassar's administration is really behind the accounts. Here are some reasons why Cappy and Dean Roellke may not be ready to tweet just yet:

1. Cappy's first tweet was done at 3:31am on a Sunday morning, an odd time of day for a college president to begin a Twitter account.
2. Both Cappy and Roellke's account photos are from Vassar publications, not personal photographs.
3. The names "cappyvassar" and "roelkevassar" seem a bit informal.
4. A surprisingly low amount of college administrators operate Twitter accounts. Back in 2009, the Chronicle of Higher Education found only one college president on Twitter.
5. The first tweets by both accounts are almost identical, not to mention the account names.
5. Neither accounts is following the official Vassar Twitter page. They are only following each other.
6. Phony accounts are all the rage lately, especially with the fake BP account making headlines in the New York Times last week.

Update: Apparently Luis Inoa and Don Marsala are on Twitter too.


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