June 18, 2010

Rugby Player Seriously Injured, Needs Your Help

Some very sad news: one week ago, rugby player Krissa Wiechmann '12 sustained serious neck injuries during Northeast Rugby Union Women's Under 23 ITTs in Santa Barbara. According to a letter posted yesterday on the Facebook page "Help Get Krissa Wiechmann To The Mayo Clinic," Wiechmann was accepted to a rehabilitation program at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, but they cannot help her until August. Wiechmann's family hopes they can find another clinic for her in the meantime.

As for Wiechmann's current condition, Coach Brown writes that "she may be discharged from Santa Barbara in the next few days."

The most recent post on the official webpage for Vassar Women's Rugby is a press release from May 24th about Wiechmann being selected for the tournament. 

Wiechmann's family is asking for donations to help for medical and travel expenses. Rugby retailer Rugby Imports and the equipment maker Gilbert, among others, have already made contributions. Donations can be made through PayPal here.

Image via Vassar Athletics.


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