June 22, 2010

Vassar To Take On Twitter Impostors

Madsvassarblog.com just spoke with Jeff Kosmacher at College Relations about the recent Twitter hoax, which Dean Roellke confirmed to us yesterday wasn't real. "We never received any indication from Cappy that she was starting an account," said Mr. Kosmacher. Apparently Cappy is in Africa right now and not particularly connected to Twitter at the moment.

Mr. Kosmacher also told us that since yesterday he has been in touch with Vassar administration about the matter and they have contacted Twitter about what he calls "impersonation attempts." Mr. Kosmacher said the school is taking action to prevent the pranksters from continuing.

A similar incident played out in the New York Times last week. Three days after the newspaper published an article about the phony BPGlobalPR Twitter page (which has attracted almost 175,000 followers), the real BP asked the phony account to clarify that it's a joke.

Twitter states that "impersonation is a violation of the Twitter Rules and may result in permanent account suspension," but it does allow parody and has an official "Parody Policy." According to the policy, "an account's profile information should make it clear that the creator of the account is not actually the same person or entity as the subject of the parody/commentary."

Meanwhile, the Vassar impostors continue to tweet. "Confirmed to MadsVassar that our accounts are hoaxes," roellkevassar tweeted an hour ago. "Everything is going according to plan."