June 7, 2010

Vassar Filmmaker Wins At Cannes

As we tweeted last week, recently-graduated Alex Camilleri '10 won the award for Best Student Documentary at the American Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival the other week. The film, Still Here, is about a man who has been HIV-positive for thirty years but survives because of a rare genetic mutation. Camilleri made the film for his documentary production class at Vassar after hearing the film's subject, Randy Baron, speak at Vassar. David Viste '10, Kyle Porter '10, and Amrita Kundu '10 also participated in the production of the film.

Still Here Teaser Trailer from Alex Camilleri on Vimeo.

Camilleri's previous documentary short, Whisker Chasers, was about facial hair culture at Vassar.

Check out the website and blog for the film to follow its progress. Congrats, Alex!

6.7.10 4:30pm


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