July 11, 2010

Kunstemporary Preparing For First Release

Kunstemporary Records, the project of John McCartin '11, is preparing to release its first record. In an email to Mads, McCartin describes Kunstemporary as a "punk/noise/contemporary composers record label." The record will feature Goldmansacksdotcom and Hiep Hiep Hoera (Elodie Blakely '12, a Music Director for WVKR), who both performed at 148 College Ave. last February. Only one hundred copies will be released.

Kunstemporary is asking for donations to help get the project moving. Donations also serve as pre-orders for the record. According to the label's website, the project is 81% fudned and they will accept donations for another 35 days.

Another record label started at Vassar, Neon Gold Records, launched the careers of artists like Passion Pit and Marina and the Diamonds. There is also Lovepump United Records, which Mookie Singerman ’06 and Jake Friedman ’07 started in 2004.


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