July 21, 2010

Vassar In Brief...

Here are a few Vassar-related stories from the last few days that you may have missed...

Looks like the Twitter impersonators aren't the only ones pretending to be Vassar reps. The Vassar alumnae/i network sent an email to alumnae/i and parents yesterday warning about "fraudulent phone calls." "The caller, a woman who claimed to be a paid representative calling on behalf of Vassar, asked the alumna to consider making a pledge to be paid off monthly with her credit card," writes Catherine E. Bear, the AAVC Vice President.

Krissa Wiechmann '12 continues her rehab after her rugby accident last month. Last Friday former women's rugby captain Lorraine DeGraffenreidt '10 organized a fundraiser for Krissa in New York City. According to a post on the Facebook group for Krissa's recovery, the fundraiser raised $1,000.

In an article for The Huffington Post, Michael Koretzky discusses why college newspapers are better in print than online. Koretzky writes that even the best college newspaper websites - including Vassar's Miscellany News - feature "very similar designs and nearly identical content" (something we pointed out back in February 2009). He continues, "Print articles are tossed online without much thought. Or pictures, graphics, or video. What's so weirdly depressing is that I've seen many of these newspapers in print -- and they kick ass."

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