August 27, 2010

Changes And Updates At Fall Leadership Conference

Campus groups and organizations have been busy tweeting during this morning's Fall Leadership Conference. There seem to be a lot of changes this semester, so we've compiled a list of them below. Follow @miscellanynews, @vassarvsa, @vccampusdining, and @vcmainhouse for more. Some of the stories we've also covered in the last few days.
  • As we posted yesterday, the main section of the library will only be open until midnight Sunday-Thursday because of the 24-hour space.
  • A capella groups can no longer practice in Main building. What! Where else can they go? Skinner?
  • As we tweeted last night and posted today, security's name is now Campus Safety and Security.
  • Sam Speers, Director of Religious and Spiritual Life is now also Assistant Dean for Campus Life. This seems to be part of Vassar's plan to not hire anyone new by consolidating positions.
  • No more student catering.
  • Atrium will remain closed.
  • Rocky is now by key-access only.
  • As we posted yesterday, Zipcars are now available for students.
  • As we posted the other day, Serenading is water-only again.