August 28, 2010

In Case You Missed It: Summer Edition

If you were too busy slaving over that unpaid internship, doing your GTL by the beach, or just didn't know the blog had returned, here are the major Mads stories that you may have missed this summer:

Vassar filmmakers made headlines when one alumnus had a video of his wedding proposal go viral, while another alumnus won a big prize at Cannes. Meanwhile, some pranksters made Twitter accounts for Cappy, Roellke, and other administrators, but Roellke was quick to tell us that it was a hoax. Vassar took action against the impostors and had the accounts suspended. Community outrage continued over last winter's deer culling, but we were told that there would be no more cullings.

In August came the rankings. Princeton Review said we were godless liberals, while we slipped a bit but still did well in Forbes and US News & World Report. Oh yeah, named us as a top ten school for "getting lucky."

Vassar made headlines. In addition to Rick Lazio '80 campaigning for New York State Governor, Eric Dinallo '85 joined the race for New York State Attorney General. Our school also got some attention for its file-sharing policies. Students made headlines too, with some getting made fun of by Hollywood actors and others DJing for crowds of scantily clad Georgians. Another student somehow became the face of Unemployment '10.

Professors also made headlines this summer. Professor Kumar had a book reviewed in the New York Times and did a piece for Vanity Fair on the Cordoba House/"Ground Zero Mosque." Professor Mask spoke on NPR about orientalism and Eat Pray Love and Professor Laymon guest-blogged for Mads about the anniversary of Michael Jackson's death.

And of course, Vassar went through some changes. VT became VC Soundsystem, Security became Safety and Security, and the farmer's market added an extra day. Vassar got Zipcars and the VSA joined Twitter. The Quidditch World Cup announced that it is moving to New York City.

Finally, we spoke to alumni who photographed Vassar for the summer issue of the Alumnae/i Quarterly.  We also did a piece on how Mad Men characters always seem to come from liberal arts colleges (and Mad Men featured another book by a Vassar alumna).

Ok. All caught up?


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