August 26, 2010

More Events Planned For Quidditch Cup Week

[Via Facebook]
As we announced early last week, the fourth annual Quidditch World Cup will take place for the first time in New York City. Since the the tournament is only days before the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 on November 19th, Harry Potter fan groups and other organizations have announced more events that will supplement the games and turn the week into something of a Harry Potter fest.

A New York-based group called The Group That Shall Not Be Named is planning events for the week following the tournament, including the NYC Wizard Rock Festival on November 21st at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. It sounds fake, but there are actually fifteen bands performing (with names like Ministry of Magic, The Cruciatus Curse, and Diagon Alley).

"We are THRILLED to have the cup in our home town and can't wait to meet everyone coming to our city for the games," a rep for the group commented on

Captains Nathan "Hungarian Horntail” Hoston '13 and Camila "Peruvian Vipertooth" Delgado '13 told us they were excited about competing in New York.


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