August 4, 2010

Princeton Review Rankings Are In (With Added Analysis)...

Update: Just added some not-so-scientific official Mads Vassar analysis.

The annual all-important Princeton Review rankings are in! (Although Cappy says they don't matter.) To sum up the results, Vassar got slightly less theatrical, more liberal, less religious, and less tree-hugging (but still grass-smoking). Oh, and Poughkeepsie sucks and our relationship with the city is worse than ever! Here's how we did this year:

Best College Theater: #9 (#5 in 2010, #8 in 2009, #10 in 2008)
Theater isn't one of the most popular majors at Vassar, but according to the rankings, it's one of our best. Our spot had gone up steadily since 2008, but it looks like we've slid back a bit. No matter - we still have one of the top ten theater programs in the country. Even outside of the department, there is lots of theater to be done - 40 productions a year, according to Admissions. Vassar is also home to the Powerhouse Theater program, which brings big names to campus.

Least Religious Students: #3 (#7 in 2010, #9 in 2009, #12 in 2008)
Where has God gone? Vassar is now ranked third for least religious students. Third! We've been getting steadily less religious in the last few years, despite campus organizations like the Jewish Union, the Islamic Society, and the Christian Fellowship. It didn't even help that our very own Rev. Sam Speers went to a conference at the White House last month. G-d Weisenstein would not be happy about this.

LGBT Friendly: #20 (#20 in 2010)
If you've been to the Mug or any campus party lately, you'll know that Vassar is just as tolerant as ever. We also have official events, like the annual Gays of our Lives. (But does anyone remember the famed HomoHop of the late nineties?)

Strained Town-Gown Relations: #10 (#12 in 2010, #12 in 2009, #14 in 2008)
Another category we've moved up in over the years. This wasn't a great year for relations with Poughkeepsie; residents are still protesting the deer culling at the Vassar Farm and other residents have spoken out against the Raymond Avenue construction and imminent bookstore in the space of the current Juliet café. There was also that weird guy who tried to start protests over nothing last summer. Of course, the VSA won't be happy about this. The Meet Me in Poughkeepsie events of the last two years have been huge successes, as was ViCE's Flaming Lips concert at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center. 

Birckenstock-Wearing, Tree-Hugging, Clove-Smoking, Vegetarians: #17 (#11 in 2010, #9 in 2009, #15 in 2008)
Is this stereotype still true? Tree-hugging? You'll get fined because of Vassar's arboretum status. Clove-smoking? Those were banned last September. Vegetarians? PETA doesn't think so. Ok, maybe a few of us still wear Birckenstocks.

Most Liberal Students: #14 (#17 in 2010)
Just ask anyone who was at Vassar the night Obama was elected - Vassar students are pretty liberal. They protest against Coca-Cola and hold hunger strikes for workers' rights. However, not all students live up to the Vassar stereotype. Conservative student organizations like MICA have gained prominence in the last year or two.

Most Beautiful Campus: #10 (#13 in 2010)
Only number 10? Huffington Post readers disagree.

College Town Not Great: #11  
Again, the VSA might not be happy about this. It's true that most Vassar students stay on campus except to go to the weekly farmers market or eat at one of the tasty local restaurants. But if Poughkeepsie isn't your thing, don't give up on the Hudson Valley!

Reefer Madness: #19
We had something substantial to write about this, but we can't remember.