August 15, 2010

Respire Plays Until Pants Drop And Police Come

DJ Respire (Paul Noonan '10) may have graduated in May, but last night he played for a crowd of scantily clad hipsters until it got broken up. Sounds like a Vassar party, no?

The event was called UNZIPPED: The No Pants Dance Experience, and according to the Facebook event page, the dress code was "heavily enforced." The page also states that the "Pants Police" will arrest anyone who violates this dress code, but it turned out that the real police did too. Respire played his set from midnight to 1:30am, tweeting, "My set, hundreds of people, kids going crazy. Biggest set ever." But the Atlanta police arrived around 3am for noise complaints or fire code violations and it took over an hour to clear the place. "Cops still here. Seriously, everyone leave," Respire tweeted after 4am. 

"Glad you had a good time, and don't let the cops get to you, they just mad cause we didn't invite them is all," wrote another one of the night's DJs on Facebook.

We'd say that this was the most scantily clad crowd he ever DJed for, but let's not forget DayGlo Toga '08.

Update: According to local news, police "took several people into custody on noise violation charges." Also, apparently the venue "did not have a license to sell alcohol or operate as a dance hall." An event there in July was shut down for the same reasons.

DJ Respire tells Mads: "They showed up for a noise complaint, couldn't do anything about it because they couldn't hear the music from outside, and then searched for a reason. They ended up finding an exit sign with a burned out bulb and then evacuated everyone out of the building for fire code violation. Pretty cool."

Photo via Twitter.


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