August 24, 2010

Serenading Show Announced

ViCE took to its official website earlier today to announce that next week's annual Serenading Show will feature Kid Sister and Javelin. Kid Sister, from Chicago, does rap, while Javelin, from Brooklyn, describe their sound as R&B crunk.

The concert on Saturday, September 4th - which is ticketless and of course free - begins at 8pm on Graduation Hill, breaks for the fireworks at 9, and then resumes right after. You can see the fireworks from the hill, so no need to move. (In the past the show has been on Ballantine Field.)

Past Serenading shows have been Clipse and Yes Giantess in 2009, Broken Social Scene and Passion Pit in 2008, and Ben Lee in 2007.

ViCE has also announced its entire Back to School Week Line up, which features a Jazz Night, film screening, NoViCE show, and Shiva Rave.

Images via MySpace.


Audrey said...

SO EXCITED for Kid Sis!

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