August 8, 2010

Vassar Grad Running For NY Attorney General

Eric Dinallo '85 announced last week that he will be running for New York State Attorney Gerneral. He also admitted to trying marijuana back "at Vassar College."

"I did inhale," he recalls. "It was so painful I couldn't understand why anybody would do it again. Brand me a nerd and we can move on."

No wonder Princeton Review ranked us high up for "Reefer Madness." Even the nerds are doing it.

Dinallo was Superintendent of Insurance for New York State from 2007 to 2009 until resigning to become a visiting professor at NYU's business school. He majored in philosophy at Vassar.

Ironically, the father of current attorney general Andrew Cuomo - who is running for governor against Rick Lazio '80 - was the speaker at Eric Dinallo's commencement.

Image via Getty.


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