August 25, 2010

Vassar "Gets Lucky" In New Rankings

College information website just joined the likes of Princeton Review, Forbes, and US News & World Report and released its first ever rankings. The site released ten lists and you might be surprised which one Vassar ended up on.

Vassar does not fall on the lists for "New Ivies" or "Politicians and Pundits." Instead, we're on the "Walk of Shame List" for schools "where everybody gets 'lucky.'" It's pretty well-known that single, heterosexual men at Vassar have the odds in their favor - there was that infamous Spin article about it in the late '90s - but not every Vassar student might agree with this ranking. We're a bit out of place on the list, which also features Arizona State, Florida State, Michigan State, Penn State, among others.

The rankings are supposedly based on reviews by 30,000 students of 225 schools. Unigo will be releasing each individual list over the course of the next few days.

Image via Flickr.


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