August 28, 2010

Welcome Back, Readers! (A Message From Mads)

Hey Readers,
Welcome back to another year at Vassar and another year with We're the student-run unofficial blog that's been bringing you daily updates on Vassar news and culture since 2007. The blog took a break last semester, but we kept things going with hundreds of Twitter posts, thanks to a guest blogger. But we got back into the swing of things this summer with 70 posts and now we've returned for good! We have big plans for the semester, so stay tuned for new features.

We're also bringing back Vassar Munch, so you can stay up to date on all food-related news (including where and how to eat for free) on campus.

You can also stay in touch with our new Facebook page, which will have exlusives that you won't see here on the blog. We also have a Twitter page and YouTube channel. As always, we appreciate the feedback. Leave a comment on the blog or email us at madsvassar [at] And don't forget to send us tips for stories! We really wouldn't be able to do this without you.

Thanks for reading!


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